The Warden is a defensive class in Outriders. They are the tank class of the game, and their role is to absorb damage and protect their allies. Wardens have high health and armor and can use their shields to block incoming attacks.

Warden Build

They also have a variety of abilities that allow them to control the battlefield, such as pulling enemies towards them or creating barriers that block enemy attacks. In this guide, we will discuss Outrider’s Best Warden Build.

Tree Options For Warden

NameĀ  Effect
Colossus Health = +10%.
Mighty Tank Fire Power = +10%, Anomaly Power = +10%
Unbroken Vow Damage Resistance = +100%, Health = +50% and Time =180 seconds.
Overlord of the Battleground Health = +10%, Battle Type = Close Combat
Tank Armor = +20%
Resist the Mob Resistance = +15%, Battle Type = Close Combat
Unending Watch Protection cooldown Time = -15%
Outrider Commander Healing = +20%, Shield =+20%
Anomaly in Veins Health Regeneration = +1%/ 1 sec
Profit Squared Ammo Pick-up Heals = +5%
Heirloom Armor Enemy Armor Will Be Yours = +20%, Time = 10s, Battle Type = Close Combat
Resistance Paragon Resistance = +20%
Vim and Vigor Weapon Damage = +10%, Anomaly in Veins Unlock = Yes

Skill Set For Warden

There are three Best Skill Sets For Warden.

Name of Skill Benefits
Gravity Leap It is a defensive type skill that lets you fly in the air and strike to hit the foes directly.
Golem After activating the skills for the next 8 seconds, enemy 65% damage will be reduced.
Impale Jump into the air to stop the enemies from attacking in the close-range battle.

Best Weapon Set For Warden

Name Type Mode Fire Power Level Reload Time Accuracy Damage Clip Size
Inferno Seed Assault Rifle Burst-Firing 105075 52 1.5 82% 9000 30
Employer Double Gun type Auto-Firing 19200 39 2.7 76% 681 60
Reaper Light Machinegun Auto-Firing 119229 41 3.8 63% 736 150
Damascus Light Machinegun Burst-firing 497873 52 2.5 75% 7827 100

That’s everything you need to know about creating the best Warden Build in Outriders. Need more help? See Fisherman Boss Fight, Executioner Boss Fight, All Journal Locations in Worldslayer.

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