Devastator is probably the easiest-to-pick class in Outriders but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in any way. It can soak up a lot of damage, reflect most of it back at attackers, and its single-target damage is nothing to laugh about. It can also get life from Bleed, increased Armor, and a lot of Anomaly Power from its Talents. In this Outriders guide, we’ve detailed the best Devastator builds for all subclasses, recommended gear, mods, Skills, and Talents.


Outriders Devastator Best Builds

There are multiple ways to build Devastator in Outriders. We can go for pure tankiness, increase our single-target DPS by quite a lot, and just pick up things and SMASH – the possibilities are endless. Below, we’ve detailed some of the best Devastator builds that we had a lot of fun experimenting with. Just like any other build out there, nothing here is set in stone and players should always try to spice things up to see what works best for them.

Build #1 – Facetank Everything!

Subclass: Seismic Shifter

As the name of the build suggests, this one is all about facetanking everything in the game but it does so much more than that. It not only lets us facetank all the incoming damage, but also bleed enemies, inflict de-buffs, and heal ourselves in the process. The best thing, however, is the flexibility that it provides since we only need two core skills to make it work – Golem and Reflect Bullets.

Golem basically fortifies us against 65% of all incoming damage for 8 seconds. Reflect Bullets, on the other hand, creates a barrier that soaks up all melee and ranged damage for 10 seconds before reflecting it back at the attackers. However, in their most basic forms, both of them leave no room to be even remotely aggressive since Reflect Bullets skill doesn’t allow us to utilize our weapons. This is where our mods come into play.

Our first mod, Auto Reflect, basically allows us to use our weapons while the Reflect Bullets skill is active but doesn’t allow us to manually deactivate it which isn’t a huge deal. Golem of Death, on the other hand, increases the duration of our Golem skill by 1.5 seconds for every kill we get. And lastly, Bleeding Impulse lets us bleed enemies within a 6m radius after every two seconds. This synergizes perfectly well with our Talents such as Bloodbath, Red Rivers, and Blood Donation which not only increase the effectiveness of Bleeding but also heal us.

On top of all that, we’ve also got a lot of Anomaly Damage, thanks to Anomaly Reservoir. This goes hand-in-hand with Protected by the Anomaly node that increases our Armor based on the Anomaly Power that we’ve got going on for us. Not only this, but we’ve also got a bunch of resistance piercing, skill damage, skill leech, and increased damage against enemies that are on low HP. Below is a link to the build planner and all the recommended gear, weapons, and mods.

Skills Endless Mass, Golem, Reflect Bullets
Large Nodes Paladin, Anomaly Bullets, Protected by the Anomaly, Blood Donation, Skilled Sentry, Earth’s Heritage
Weapons and Mods Anything
Mods Auto Reflect, Golem of Death, Bleeding Impulse, Blood Primer
Armor Anything

Build #2 – Boss Melter

Subclass: Any

One of the most common misconceptions about Devastator is how it lacks when it comes to single-target damage. The purpose of this build is to change this perception. However, the build requires a couple of mods to go alongside our skills which are Earthquake, Gravity Leap, and Reflect Bullets.

The Strongest First mod coupled with Reflect Bullets is our bread and butter. This mod lets us deal additional 50% damage to the enemy with the most HP i.e. captains, bosses, etc. with Reflect Bullets. Another very good mod that we’re running is Blood Primer which instills Bleed effect onto anyone hit by our Reflect Bullets skill – just once is more than enough. And since Bleed is ridiculously strong in Outriders, this one is a must.

On top of all that, we’ve also got Auto Reflect that lets us shoot our weapons while the Reflect Bullets skill is still going on. While this does have a couple of downsides, the ability to use our skills and weapons while Reflect Bullets is on is a game-changer. To complement our damage a little more, we’ve also got Bullet Acceleration which increases the damage of all reflected bullets by +25 which isn’t a whole lot but it’s something. Lastly, we need to get Life Absorption. This mod is literally borderline broken in our opinion. What this does is that it provides healing for 100% of damage dealt and increases it to 200% if we kill the target.

When it comes to Talents, we can go with anything, to be honest. Things like Bloodbath, Red Rivers, and Executioner should add further to our survivability. But there aren’t any right or wrong choices here. Below is a link to the build planner and all the recommended gear, weapons, and mods.

Skills Earthquake, Gravity Leap, Reflect Bullets
Large Nodes Anything
Weapons and Mods Anything
Mods Auto Reflect, Blood Primer, The Strongest First, Bullet Acceleration, Life Absoption
Armor Anything

Build #3 – Soul Crusher

Subclass: Any

How can a Devastator Builds guide can ever be completed without it crushing things into oblivion? For this build, we’re going with the trusty Gravity Leap, Boulderdash, and Impale. Gravity Leap allows us to leap into the air and deal damage from above. This can be made even better with the Life Absorption mod that also keeps our HP fully topped up. Boulderdash, on the other hand, lets us ram into things and just SMASH! Know what’s even better? Primal Rage mod. This decreases the cooldown of our Boulderdash by a whopping 50%, allowing us to spam the skill.

And lastly, we’ve got Impale to inflict Bleed status onto enemies in order to bolster our survivability a little since we’ll always be in the middle of a fight. Combine this with Spike Frost mod to increase the number of targets by +1. This may not sound like a lot but can help quite a bit, especially when we’re running Talents that heal us whenever we inflict Bleed on a target. Below is the recommended gear, weapons, and mods.

Skills Impale, Boulderdash, Gravity Leap
Large Nodes Anything
Weapons and Mods Anything
Mods Primal Rage, Spike Frost, Life Absorption
Armor Anything

That’s all we’ve got in our Outriders Devastator builds guide. Feel free to check out our detailed Outriders wiki guides for more help on the game.