The world of Outriders is introduced through the Arrival quest. This main quest is level 1 and is pretty much a tutorial mission to introduce to different mechanics of the game. Below is a complete walkthrough of the Outriders Arrival main quest.


Outriders Arrival Quest Walkthrough

Your first objective is to follow captain Tanner and mark the location for the Outriders camp. After you are done setting up the camp speak with Jakub for your first gunplay tutorial which is pretty simple to complete.

After completing the gunplay tutorial and speak with Shira who wants you to locate the probe. Simply follow the waypoint uphill until you come across the probe near the edge of the cliff.

Your final objective to gather data from the probe and return it to Tanner. Simply interact with the probe to the information you need and report back to Tanner to share your findings and complete the quest.

Arrival is part of the game’s prologue alongside Tempest and Carnage main quests. As soon as you complete the Arrival, start Tempest and then Carnage to complete the game’s Prologue.

And that’s how you complete the Arrival quest in Outriders. Need more help? See how to dismantle, how to change appearance, best Pyromancer builds, which class to choose, how to replay missions.