Mods are passive skills you can use in Outriders for crafting and customizing weapons and armor. They also allow you to alter your abilities. Some mods are class-specific while others can be used globally. However, armor mods are strictly class-specific in the game. In this guide, I will explain everything you need to know about armor mods.


Outriders Armor Mods

There are close to 20 armor mods in Outriders. Here are the details you should know about armor mods to create your perfect builds:

Mod  Tier  Effect 
Stare Into the Barrel  1  Increased Firepower for each enemy in close range. 
What Goes Around  2  Incoming bullets have a chance of being deflected to nearby enemies. 
Shield Zap  2  When an ability is active, an electric shock is created around you to deal damage to a random enemy within a 5m radius. 
Power From The Ashes  2  Killing shots on enemies inflicted by Ash boost Anomaly Damage for 20s. The effect stacks 4 times. 
Phantom Dash  2  When in combat, your roll is replaced with Phantom Dash which allows you to pass through enemies quickly. 
Personal Space  2  Close Range weapon damage increased by 25%. 
Move Groove  2  Movement increases your Anomaly and Firepower. 
Diffuse  2  Running increased armor by 50% and Anomaly by 50%. 
Sharp Eye  3  Killing enemies with ADS increases the Firepower of 20s. The effect stacks 3 times. 
Not Impressed  3  Damage from Elites reduced by 20%. 
Martial Arts  3  Melee skill cooldown by 50%. 
Life of the Party  3  Incoming damage is decreased by 5% for each enemy in close range. The effect stacks 8 times. 
Introvert  3  Close Range radius is increased. 
Head of the Ward  3  Reviving a teammate restores their HP. 
Captain Hunter  3  20% more damage to Elites. 
Brawl  3  Melee skill damage increased by 100%. 
Anomaly Echo  3  Increased firepower and anomaly power while a skill is active. 

Best Armor Mods

The best armor mods depend on the type of build you want. For example, the Fire Witch Pyromancer build and various Technomancer builds use different armor mods. However, for a generally well-rounded build the best Outriders Armor mods are What Goes Around, Martial Arts, Sharp Eye, Stare Into the Barrel, and Personal Space.

And that’s everything you need to know about Armor mods in Outriders. Need more help? See best Devastator builds, Pyromancer mods, side quests, how to change appearance, how to earn class points.