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Outlast Trials Fun Park Punish The Miscreants Easy Walkthrough


In Outlast Trials, Punish the Miscreants is part of MK’s challenges. Open The Gates is the second challenge in Mk Challenges Program 2. In this guide, we will walk you through how you can Punish The Miscreants at the fun park in Outlast Trials.

Trial: Punish The Miscreants Fun Park (Program 2 MK-Challenge)

Assignment/Objective Of Punish The Miscreants Fun Park: Find and grind the bad children.

How To Punish The Miscreants At Fun Park In Outlast Trials

Go across the Barn space and you will reach an area where a Grind is in the middle of the area. Upon entering the assignment starts staying “Find and grind the bad children“. There are a total of four children that are to be punished. The task is to locate each child, bring back to the grind, and crush him.

Find and grind the bad children

Locations Of Children In Punish The Miscreants Fun Park

To locate each child mannequin in this Mk-Challege, Fun Park Punish The Miscreants, a map is situated on the left wall of the Funfair gate to make things easy for you.

Some of the Enemies that will patrol The Barn and Fairground :

  • Mother Gooseberry
  • Grunts
  • Pushers
  • Pouncers
  • SCreamers
  • Night vision Goggle Grunts
Locations Of Children In Punish The Miscreants Fun Park

Map Location Of The Miscreant Childeren

Location #1: The Barn’s attic

The first child is located in the barn area. Go upstairs and turn left. In a room, you will find the first child with a wire attached to them. Follow the wire and press the red button to release the child from their position. Then, carefully drag them back to the Grind to punish the miscreant. Keep in mind that dragging the child will slow you down, and the child may also make noise.

Press The Red Button To Release The Child


The location of the child is also indicated on the screen by a black round symbol, as shown in the image above.

Location #2: Green Zone Of The Fairground

The location of the second child in Outlast Trial Punsih The Miscreants is near the merry-go-round in the Funfair area.

Location #3: yellow zone of the Fairground

Go left from the Barn area rather than going upstairs. Follow the child symbol on the screen and you will find the third Miscreant child at Fun Park.

Location #4: blue zone of the Fairground

For the last location, go past the truck and look for a “telephone”. the child is just beside that sign.

Punish the Miscreants All Poster Locations

  • Poster #1 – This poster is found in the left room of the barn.
  • Poster #2 – This particular poster outdoors, close to the poster and the family standees.
  • Poster #3 – This poster on the upper level of the barn, residing in the room alongside the hanging bodies.
  • Poster #4 – Locate this poster on the upper level, tucked away in the room where the pig is housed.

This is all you need to know about Outlast Trials Fun Park Punish The Miscreants Easy Walkthrough. If you have any questions about the walkthrough, take to the comments below.

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