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Outlast Trials Fun Park Open the Gates Easy Walkthrough

How to Complete Fun Park Open the Gates in Outlast Trials!


In Outlast Trials, Open the Gates is part of MK’s challenges. Punish The Miscreants is the first challenge in Mk-challenge. In this guide, we will walk you through how you can open the gates at the fun park in Outlast Trials.

The Challenge, Open The Gates is quite simple. You need to open Three Gates to reach the shuttle and go out. That is the only way through which you will escape the trail.

Trial: Program 2 Fun Park Open The Gates

  • Main Objective Of Fun Park Open The Gates: All three gates are electric so in order to escape cut the power and escape.

How to open the gates at the fun park in outlast trials

Go beyond the barn area leading you to a place where there is a sign saying “follow wires”.

Outlast Trials Fun Park Open the Gates gate one

First Gate Power Sources

Go upsaitrs and follow wires to disarm three adapters, opening Gate one


On Each gate, three red lights appear indicating how many power sources are still on.

First Gate: At the first gate there is no resistance so it’s the easiest. Go upstairs and follow the blue cable that is spreading in different directions. Dont indulge in fights stay hidden. Disarm the power sources connected to the door through these wires. After you have disconnected all of the power adapters the gates will open.

Outlast Trials Fun Park Open the Gates Gate one

Second Gate: Enter the first gate and reach the carnival. Again follow the blue cables leading to three different power sources. Disarm all three to open the second gate. For the second gate at the Fun Park Open the Gates, Mother Gooseberry is there to follow you. Enter the first gate and reach the carnival. That makes the task a bit difficult for you. Use bottles to distract her away from the power switch location. Use dark rooms to lure her away. When she is quite far from the power source go back and disarm all three.

Gate 2 of open the gates at fun park in outlast trials

Third Gate: Reaching the higher level of the trial will also increase the difficulty level to complete it. Now Mother Gooseberry is not alone and patrols the site.

Gate 3 of open the gates at fun park in outlast trials

Gate 3 (Exit Gate)

Press the red button inside the third gate (Exit gate)
and wait for the shuttle to arive and exit the trial

After opening all the gates go to the merry-go-round, where your escape gate is. Call the shuttle but before doing so, make sure Mother Gooseberry is not around to escape safely and complete the trial Open the gates at the fun park in Outlast trials.

Trial Rewards for opening The gates at the Fun Park

After opening the last gate you will get the following as a reward:

  • 750 XP
  • 250 credits
  • Cosmetic
  • +500 credits for Grade A

This is all you need to know about Outlast Trials: Fun Park Open the Gates Walkthrough.

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