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Outlast Trials Fun Park Grind The Bad Apples (Program 2) Easy Walkthrough


In Outlast trials, at Fun Park you will complete three trials; Open the Gates, Punsih The Miscreants, and Grind The Bad Apples. The first two are part of the MK challenge. This guide will give a complete step-by-step walkthrough on How you can Grind The Bad Apples In outlast trials.

Trial Title: Grind The Bad Apples Fun Park

Main Objective/ Assignment: You must eliminate the misbehaving children by taking them to “Root Canal”. So that the good children won’t see you grinding them.

Program 2 Fun park Grind the bad apples

Rewards for First Complete Grind the Bad Apples at Fun Park

  • 1500 XP
  • 500 Coins
  • 1000 Coins for A+

How To complete Fun Park Grind The Bad Apples(Program 2) Trial

In Fun Park Grind The Bad Apples(Program 2), your main objective is to push the bad children into punishment by sending them away in a boat. The purpose is that good children mannequins don’t see this punishment. You will complete the following Objectives To complete the trial Grind the Bad Apples at Fun Park.

You can either play solo or with teammates to complete the trial.

Infiltrate The Fun Park

To complete the first assignment, go to the right from where the bus is parked. You’ll find a park with checkered floor tiles in the main area. Beyond that park, just on the other side, there is a shutter that you need to lift. As you open the shutter, be prepared for an attack from your left. After escaping the attacker, they will flee into the room on the right. That’s when your first objective is completed.

  • Infiltrate the fun park in Grind the bad apples

reach the root canal ride

Go around the swing, and just behind it, you will see a signboard that says “Root Canal” with an arrow pointing upwards. Turn left from that gate, and you’ll come across another signboard. Follow the direction indicated by that signboard. Proceed to the kitchen area and throw hearts to open the gate. Once the gate opens, you will find the Root Canal ride right in front of you, completing the second objective, Reach the root canal Ride.

  • Begining Of The Trail
  • Follow The Sign Board
  • Follow The Sign Board
  • Hearts To Throw in Grind the bad apples in outlast trials
  • Throw Hearts to open the gate to reach root canal ride

How to Get access to the root canal ride?

To get access to the Root Canal ride you need tickets. to get the tickets there are three games available for you to play that are :

  • Shootout saloon Game
  • Feed The Clows
  • Ball In The Bucket Prize

The games to play are highlighted on the map, making it easy for you to find which game to play. Make sure to keep hearts with you, as at each game, you will need to aim three hearts at the target and collect the ticket from it. Once you have collected all three tickets by winning the games, insert them into the Root Canal ride to complete the objective.

  • Start Of The Assignment Get access to the root canal ride
  • Games To Play To get acces to The Root Canal Ride
  • Shootout saloon Game
  • Insert The Tickets
  • Get Access To The Root Canal Ride Completed

Regroup into the root canal and activate the ride

The next task for the trial is to Regroup at the root canal and activate the ride. Wait for Mother Gooseberry’s dialogue to end, and the button will become available. Press the red button to complete the task.

  • Begining Of The Assignment  regroup into the canal and activate the ride
  • Mother Gooseberry talking
  • Press the button after mother gooseberry finish talkin to end the objective

Push the boat to the children’s punishment

Once you gain access to the root canal ride, the bad apples, referring to the Bad mannequins of children, are released from the gate. To complete this assignment, you must remove two blocking barriers and raise the root canal water level back up before pushing these children for punishment.

Power off the blocking barriers

Once you reach the first barrier, turn left and follow the power cables. Disarm all the power sources to unblock the barrier and get one step closer to completing the trial, Fun Park Grind: The Bad Apples, in Outlast Trials.

First Barrier

After the first barrier is unblocked, along the way to the send one you will encounter a path where mannequin children can pass. Push the boat to the other side because the fire will affect you. To avoid that path go right into the pump room to reach the other side and start pushing the children for punishment.

Pump Room

Follow the path to your right to reach the other side.

Once again, disarm the two power connectors by following the blue cable wires. By doing so, you will push further and get one step closer to reaching the root canal.

Second Barrier in grind the bad apples fun park

Second Barrier

Raise the root canal water level back up

The second part of Push the Boat to Children’s Punishment is that you raise the root canal water back up. To do so you need to locate and open the correct pipe B and D. Go into the pump room C/D and search for the right pipe B and D. Each pipe has its own color. This one is a bit tricky so pay attention to where the pipe are going.


Be cautious while following the pipes into different rooms, as Mother Gooseberry and her companions are patrolling the area. Remain alert to avoid detection
  • Begining Of Raise the root canal water level back up
  • Enter The Pump Room Upstairs
  • Opening Valve To raise the water level back up

Exit the trial

Once you have finished raising the water level, make your way back to the boat and push it into the grinder to administer punishment to the mannequins representing the children. While pushing the boat, be aware that Mother Gooseberry will attempt to lure you away from the grinder. After successfully grinding the mannequins, quickly pass through the grinder and head towards the shuttle to exit the trial, “Grind the Bad Apples,” at Fun Park.

Grind the Bad Apples All Poster Locations

  • Poster #1 – As soon as you enter the park, make your way to the room on the right to find this poster.
  • Poster #2 – Explore the vicinity of the merry-go-round ride to stumble upon this poster tucked away in a back room.
  • Poster #3 – Head towards the building near the diner to uncover this hidden poster.
  • Poster #4 – Venture into Pump Room B to discover this elusive poster awaiting your arrival.

This is all you need to know about Fun Park Grind The Bad Apples(Program 2): Outlast Trials. If you have any questions regarding the walkthrough, let me know in the comments below.

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