Wondering how to upgrade your weapons in Oninaki but don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you covered! This Oninaki Weapon Upgrades Guide will walk you through essentially all you need to know about upgrading all your weapons, unlocking the upgrade vendor, and everything else about the process.

Oninaki Weapon Upgrades

One glance at your inventory and you’ll immediately notice an upgrade meter right next to your weapons. This bar dictates your progress toward the next upgrade for the particular weapon.

To start the upgrading process, you need to travel to Deto and find the Alchemist’s shop. However, after arriving it at the shop, you’ll most likely find it closed – unless you already did what’s explained below.

For the Alchemist’s shop to be open, you need to defeat Kushi in the game. Once you’ve done that, you need to travel to Deto once more and find a golden icon placed on the left-hand side of the map – this denotes the Alchemist’s shop in Deto.

Once you’re there, speak with the Alchemist and select “Upgrade Weapons” from the menu.

How to Upgrade?

It goes without saying but upgrading weapons in the game requires you to have appropriate materials. Arguably, the quickest way of acquiring these upgrade materials is to breakdown the weapons in your possession that you no longer use.

An important thing that you should note is that the quality of weapon you dismantle determines the quality of upgrade materials you acquire. Apart from that, weapons of higher quality also tend to improve much better than lower quality weapons.

For instance, if you’ve got the same weapon in low and high quality, the one with the higher quality will upgrade much more than the lower one. Therefore, it’s paramount that you don’t waste your upgrade materials on a lower quality weapon.

This essentially covers everything there is to upgrade your weapons in Oninaki. The entire process is as simple as it can get. Still, if you’ve got some other questions, feel free to let us know!