Oninaki Trophies And Achievements Guide: All Achievements And Trophies

Oninaki Trophies And Achievements Guide

Oninaki is out now and if you are interested in unlocking all the achievements and getting to 100% completion then you have come to the right place. In this Oninaki trophies and achievements guide, we are going to walk you through how you can unlock all the trophies and achievements in the game.

Oninaki Trophies And Achievements

The following are all the Oninaki trophies and achievements  and how you can unlock them:

Achievement How To Unlock
Cycle Everlasting Obtain all trophies
A Fateful Meeting Meet Linne
Prayers for the Dead Witness the Seven-Day Sending
The Sovereign Truth Listen to Lobelia’s story
Hidden Feelings Learn about Mayura’s name from Kushi
The Abyss Beckons Witness Soju’s past
A Promise Fulfilled Meet Sara
The End Is the Beginning View all of the wall murals
A Watcher’s Pride Defend the precepts of reincarnation
A New World Display the will to see it through to the end
A Hopeful Future Believe in humanity’s potential to change
Plagued by Doubt Hesitate when the time cames.
Unshakeable Will Do not hesitate when the time comes
Avatar of Destruction Defeat Tsukumo
Master of the Living Defeat a Shadow Fallen
Master of the Beyond Defeat 10 Shadow Fallen
The Chosen Savior Bind 2 Daemons
Shifting Warrior Bind 5 Daemons
Exalted One Bind 8 Daemons
Recollector View all the memories of a Daemon
Liberator View all the memories of a 3 Daemons
Wayfinder View all the memories of a 5 Daemons
Inherited Mysteries Unlock a Daemon’s entire Skill Tree
Seeker of Truth Unlock 3 Daemon entire Skill Trees
Indomitable Hero Reach 200 Affinity
Limitbreaker Reach 220 Affinity
Sinbearer Manifest 10 times
Veil Strider Manifest 100 times
Transcendent Manifest every daemon
Battle Master Trigger 10 Awakenings
Enlightened Sage Trigger 10 Awakenings
Omniscient Trigger every awakening
Proud Adventurer Acquire 10 weapons
Grizzled Warrior Acquire 100 weapons
Seeker of Rarities Obtain an epic weapon
Blessed Scavenger Obtain a legendary weapon
Power Seeker Socket 10 shadestones in weapons
Apocrypha Seeker Socket 100 shadestones in weapons.
Practiced Craftsman Obtain weapon socketed with 1 or more shadestones
Master Artisan Obtain a weapon socketed with 3 or more shadestones
Valued Patron Obtain 1 item from the Alchemist
Quiet Negotiator Obtain 10 items from the Alchemist
Linne’s Blessing Healed by Linne
Idol of the Gods Bring Linne to the Sanctum of Reincarnation
Clarion Call Hear 20 of Linne’s battle cries

This marks the end of our Oninaki trophies and achievements guide.