Null Stones are closely connected to developing the Daemon skill tree in Oninaki. Thus it’s imperative to know where to find such a resource. In our guide below, we’ll describe methods of how to acquire Null Stones, particularly from chests and side quests.

Find Null Stones in Oninaki

In the Daemon skill tree, unlocking nodes and upgrading Daemons both require the use of Null Stones. These will help you flesh out your skills and make your character a more menacing threat in Oninaki.

The most reliable method of acquiring Null Stones is through completing various side-quests. Specifically speaking you will need to speak with the Lost Souls NPC who can be found at various locations on the map. He’ll give you specific tasks to be completed, all short and relatively easy.

Once you complete each Lost Souls quest, you’ll be guaranteed a  Null Stone as the reward. The other method is through exploration for which you’ll need to scour areas for treasure chests. Chests in Oninaki will contain one type of stone whether they’re Null Stones or Shadestones. So you may as well look in there as well.

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