Lost Souls are crucial side-quests in Oninaki which reward you with a useful resource to upgrade Dameon skills. Below we’ve briefed the locations for the NPC you’ll need to interact with to trigger the Lost Souls quests in Oninaki, as well as for instructions to complete them.

Oninaki Lost Souls Locations

Lost Souls are special side-quests in Oninaki which are acquired from a specific Lost Souls NPC who likes to travel around the world. These are simple and short quests that reward you with Null Stones for completion. Null Stones are required to unlock Nodes and upgrade Daemon skills in Oninaki.

Confident Alchemist

At the above location on Shadestone Quarry, use a weapon with 200 attack stat or higher to finish the quest.

Devoted Woman

Head to the above location to trigger and complete the quest.

Enlightened Man

At the above location, wield a weapon of 150 attack stat or higher to complete the quest.

Fellow Watcher

Once you reach the spot displayed above, escort the female NPC to the ground floor of the Ehir Palace. Enter the palace and move to the left of the stairs to complete the quest.

Frivolous Man

Head to the above location in Mesid Woods in Mazzen Mountains. Continue along the wall to reach the house to complete the quest.

Guilty Man

Interact with the man here to eliminate him and complete the side-quest.

Inquisitive Man

The location you’re looking for is the old village of Sugo, which is accessed by the Mazzen Mountains. Help him with his task of sighting a weapon from across the sea.

Insistent Dog

Navigate to Deto near Tashir Canal in chapter four of the game. The exact location is at checkpoint two in Deto behind the market stalls.


Find Kujo near Warp Point #2 in Deto. Escort her to Sook Fens via Kiro Marsh. Complete this objective to finish the quest.
Longing Boy

After acquiring the Daemon, Will, interact with the NPC at the above location. Now equip the Kumbhakarna axe to complete the quest.

Lost Disciple

Complete the side-quest by killing the soul that you’re tasked to fight.

Magic Scholar

Head to Kiraq via The Grewan Deepwood to trigger the quest. Speak with the NPC and have the Treize equipped to complete the quest.

Overzealous Woman

In chapter 4, move near second checkpoint in Deto. Find the soul just outside Minob Plaza palace.

Perished Watcher

In chapter 4, head to the town and speak with the NPC. You will be tasked to bring his soul back to Kiraq, in The Grewan Deepwood. To complete the quest, head to the the well in the village.

Reckless Watcher

In the Sunken Ruins region at the above-displayed spot, speak with the soul and watch it transform into a beast. Eliminate the beast to complete the quest.

Regretful Watcher

In Deto, on your way to the Palace, find the female NPC  near the third waypoint. You will be prompted to head to Lake Lud and then to the Kiho Shores. Move to waypoint #3 to trigger the cutscene and complete the quest.

Scent Obsessed Man

In chapter 4 head to the first warp point in Deto. Take the soul at the alleyway on the right, to Tashir Canal in Szaka. Take him there to complete the quest.

Seeker of Truth

Unfortunate Woman

After Deto has caught fire, speak with an NPC near warp point #1. Follow her request by escorting her to the house near waypoint #3 in Raom Meadows, Taddan Plains.

Venturous Man

Find a female NPC on a beach near waypoint #2 in Deto. Follow her instructions to complete the quest.