The sprawling world of Oninaki is filled with lots of interesting stuff to do and people to meet. Sometimes to cut the work and time short you might benefit from using the fast-travel points. Find out how to unlock fast travel points and utilize them below in our Ooninaki Fast Travel Guide.


Oninaki Fast Travel Guide

The option for fast travel is unlocked very early on in the game. All you’ll have to do is to complete the opening prologue of Oninaki. Once you’ve finished the first mission, you can navigate to any save point, called Save Stones in the game, which heals you if you get close to them.

Once you’ve discovered a Save Stone it will be displayed on the map for you to interact and fast-travel to. On the map that you access from the options, choose Fast Travel to highlight all the Save Stones you’ve uncovered so far.

As you explore more areas and interact with more Save Stones in Oninaki, you’ll be able to travel around the world much quicker by heading from one save location to the other. This cuts down travel time tremendously.

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