OneDrive is a reasonably smooth software with its top-of-class cloud technology; there isn’t much to complain about. However, users report some reoccurring issues now and then, and today we’ll be going over the Error 0x800701AA. This error shows up with the “The Cloud Operation Was Not Completed” message, and according to users, it halts them from accessing their files or downloading them. The following are the reasons and fixes for OneDrive Error 0x800701AA.

Last updated on March 13th, 2023 at 09:01 pm

OneDrive Error 0x800701AA Fixes That’ll Help

OneDrive is a useful app that Windows users can use to store files that they can access anywhere. However, some OneDrive users are experiencing error 0x800701AA when they try to access files. There are multiple reasons why this error is popping up like the linked HDD partition and more. The following are the fixes for error 0x800701AA.

Fix 1: Check HDD Space

Ensure you have enough HDD space on your computer. Right-clicking on the drive with the OneDrive link. Then, click on properties, and under the OneDrive icon, right-click to access Settings. You’ll find an ‘Unlink this PC’ option, so click on it. Afterward, log in to the OneDrive App to select a different file path for it to link up with.

Fix 2: Reset OneDrive

The best action for errors such as 0x800701AA is simply resetting your OneDrive. This is because corrupt cache files create glitches and lag in the app. However, when reset, OneDrive returns to its default settings. Also, the network certificate and app settings reset in the process.

To do this, start by opening the run dialog by pressing the Win + R keys and typing in the ‘%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\OneDrive.exe /reset’ command into it and pressing enter. This will then commence the OneDrive reset, and when done, will launch the OneDrive App

However, if it doesn’t, type in the ‘%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\OneDrive.exe command into the run dialog and hit Enter. Once the OneDrive App opens up, try accessing your files and the Error 0x800701AA will be fixed.

Fix 3: Map a SharePoint Document Library as a Network Drive

The workaround to OneDriver Error 0x800701AA, which deals with file inaccessibility, is creating a network hub to improve accessibility. Doing this is pretty straightforward in OneDrive, as you only need to map a SharePoint document library as a network drive.

Open the official Microsoft OneDrive login website and log into your account. There, access the library with the target files, and copy its URL from the search bar. Next, go to File Explorer, and in the left pane, look for a Network section. Right-click it and select the ‘Map network drive’ and launch the Network Location Wizard by clicking the “Connect to a website where you can store documents and pictures” option. After this, a prompt window will appear. Keep clicking next until a ‘Specify the location of your website’ option appears. Here, paste the link you copied earlier, and after clicking on Next, click on Finish.

Once done, open the Windows PowerShell as administrator and type in the following command, and hit Enter. After that, restart your PC, and the OneDrive error 0x800701AA will be fixed.

Get-Content -Path $_.FullName -first 1 | Out-Null

Error Code “0x800701AA: The Cloud Operation Was Not Completed” has been experienced by many users, but it is not that hard to resolve, as it only takes one to two fixes. However, if the above hasn’t worked out for you, we suggest you reinstall your OneDrive App as a last resort.

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