The currency used in One Piece Odyssey is Berries. It is the primary resource to buy Accessories, Ingredients, Recipes, Meals, etc. This guide will help you easily farm Berries in One Piece Odyssey.

The first way to earn Berries is basic combat. You can fight both regular enemies and bosses. Not only you will get Berries from these fights but you will also get XP. It is also recommended that you try and battle enemies that have a higher level than you to increase the amount of XP and Berries that you can get from them.

Side Quests are another way to earn Berries. Along with your main story, you will also get side missions that will aid you to gather some more Berries. Therefore, start exploring Waford Island for side quests and rewards.

You can also earn Berries by selling different types of Accessories. Throughout the game, you will encounter so many missions in which you can find these accessories. Low-quality accessories like purple and grey will become irrelevant after progressing the story.

By using Nami’s Berries’ spotting and stealing skills. you can easily track berries hidden in enemy camps or you can use the stealing skills during fighting with regular enemies or bosses. In this way, you can earn a decent amount of berries.

There are so many hidden treasures within the game. If you want to find these treasure chests then explore the game thoroughly. Trust me you will find more berries, items, recipes, and many more things.

Bounty Hunting is another interesting way to earn berries. Taking these bounties will let you make some serious money (berries) and you will also get trophies by bounty hunting. If you turn in 10 bounties you will get the Journeyman Hunter Trophy and by turning in all the bounties you will get the Cleared all side stories Trophy.

If you manage to get 20,000,000 Berries in total, you will unlock a Saving Savant Trophy.

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