The expansive world of One Piece has been adapted for a video game by the Bandai Namco Studios and it has been creating quite the buzz. The very recently released title, “One Piece Odyssey”, lets you explore an open world as Luffy or as any one of his merry band of pirates. If you have recently started playing the game then you might be wondering if this game allows the ability to fast travel around the map.

Walking everywhere can be a bit tedious especially when some back-tracking is required but not to worry. One Piece Odyssey lets you fast travel but this ability is locked until the 2nd chapter of the game. You will have to wade through the first chapter on Waford island. You will observe some taxi signs on posts around the region. These posts will also have directional arrows on them pointing in various directions. Just make sure to walk up to these signposts and interact/examine them as this will be important later.

You will be playing through the Alabasta Memory in Chapter 2 when the objective marker will lead you directly to “Yoisa”, the dancing monkey. The monkey will teach you the ways of fast travel and from then onwards you will have the ability to fast travel around the map.

All you need to do is open up the map. You will be able to press square and use Yoisa to fast travel to any signposts shown on the map.  As long as you have already examined/interacted with the previously mentioned signposts you will be able to fast travel to them through the map. Some more One Piece Odyssey guides you’d be interested in:

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