One Lonely Outpost is a farming and crafting simulation game that challenges players to build a thriving colony on a deserted planet. In addition to recruiting colonists and learning how to cook, crafting is a critical aspect of the game, allowing players to create various tools, buildings, and items necessary for their survival. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about crafting in One Lonely Outpost, from gathering resources to upgrading your workstations and trading skills with other players.


How to Craft in One Lonely Outpost

To start crafting in One Lonely Outpost, you need to gather crafting resources that will serve as the building blocks for crafting. In One Lonely Outpost, a wide range of resources are available including wood, stone, vegetables, as well as valuable ores like copper and iron. These resources can be acquired through diverse means, such as exploration on the planet’s surface, mining, or cultivating crops on your very own farm.

Make sure to recruit Duyi as he helps you unlock the mines, giving you access to a steady flow of resources.

Each type of resource requires a specific tool. For instance, an axe is required to cut down trees, while a pickaxe is used for mining ores. As you progress and build your colony, you’ll be able to unlock more advanced tools that significantly boost your resource gathering capabilities.

How to Build Crafting Stations in One Lonely Outpost

Once you’ve collected the necessary resources for crafting in One Lonely Outpost, it’s time to build various workstations that will help craft items. Among the stations you need to build are the Furnace, which is used to smelting ore, the Workbench that’s used for crafting tools, the Alchemy Station which is used for brewing potions and elixirs, and the Tannery that helps you with processing of animal hides. To build crafting stations, you need a combination of resources that can be found throughout the planet. Simply head to the crafting menu to see what items are required for crafting each crafting station in One Lonely Outpost.

How to Learn Crafting Recipes in One Lonely Outpost

Recipes serve as blueprints for specific crafts in One Lonely Outpost. Recipes can be unlocked by through various means, such as using the workbench or perusing information systems on built-in equipment, like the furnace info board. These recipes outline the ingredients required to fashion specific items. Seek out recipes scattered throughout the game, complete objectives, engage with new colonists to unlock new recipes in One Lonely Outpost.

It should be noted that some recipes need specific crafting stations and tools.

Start Crafting

One Lonely Outpost’s crafting system is straightforward and familiar. Simply access the crafting station, select the recipe, and the game will display the necessary resources. If you have the required crafting materials, you can instantly craft the item. However, take note that early-game recipes might require ore instead of ingots, and un-smelting is not an option. Until you unlock the mine, have at least ten ore pieces in reserve to avoid any crafting hurdles.

Upgrading Your Work Stations

As you progress in One Lonely Outpost, upgrading workstations becomes to a requirement to craft better items. The upgraded workstations offer improved efficiency and expanded crafting options. To unlock word station upgrades in One Lonely Outpost, gather additional resources and follow the upgrade menu.

Organizing your crafted items according to their respective categories is best for easy retrieval. One Lonely Outpost provides various storage options, such as chests, shelves, and cupboards. Create a structured storage system, separating wood products from metal and other categories.

One Lonely Outpost opens the doors to online trades, allowing players to exchange farmed crops and crafted items. When resources are scarce, trading skills with fellow players can prove invaluable. Make sure to trade skills and resources with other players to keep your colony happy.