Oculus Assistant Service stopped working error usually is provoked by inappropriate system settings or hardware settings. There might be an issue with your OS ranging from outdated software to corrupted firmware. There are multiple reasons as to why this error starts, but the main ones are as follows:

  • The voice command app might be outdated, or the OS for the Oculus Headset might be corrupted.
  • You might have developer mode enabled.
  • The Oculus Assistant App might have corrupted data.
  • The OS of the Oculus Headset might be corrupted.

Not that we’ve jotted down the main culprits for this issue, the following are the fixes.

Fix# 1 – Disable and Re-Enable Wifi To Oculus Headset

Users have reported that reconnecting the Wifi to your Oculus Headset should sort of reset your device so much so that it can fix the Oculus Assistant service stopped working error. The following are the steps on how to disable and re-enable WiFi:

  • Go to the Apps library of the Oculus headset and launch the app that is causing these issues.
  • Go ahead and open the quick settings of this headset and select wifi.
  • Now toggle the switch labeled disable wifi.
  • Now enable wifi and see if your issue is resolved.

Fix#2 – Log Out of The Companion App

There is a chance that a slight glitch between Oculus and its companion app might have stirred up the Oculus Assistant service stopped working error. In this case, logging out and then into the companion app and also restarting your Oculus should do the trick. 

  1. Press the power button on your headset to turn your Oculus off.
  2. Select power off and wait until your Oculus turns completely off.
  3. Now open the companion app on your phone and tap the settings icon near the bottom right.
  4. Now keep scrolling until you see a log-out button near the bottom.
  5. Now confirm the logout, and then we’ll have to log in again afterward.
  6. Boot Up your oculus.

Fix# 3 – Update Voice Command App

If your Voice command app has not received the latest OEM patch, it might be out of sync with several modules in your OS, like your keyboard. This might crash the Oculus Assistant Service. To solve this, it is best to update the aforementioned app by these steps:

  1. Open the settings on your Oculus and go towards the Apps section.
  2. Go to the updates tab and see if an update is available for the desired app.
  3. Now click on update and restart your Oculus if the device is done.
  4. See if the issue is resolved after the update.

Fix# 4 – Update Oculus OS

There is a chance that the Oculus Assistant service stopped working error is occurring due to an outdated build of the Oculus OS; this is easily solvable with a software update, which can be executed through the following instructions:

  1. Launch the settings of the Oculus and on the left pane, hit the about tab.
  2. Now on the larger right plane, click update and wait for the update to end.
  3. After the update finishes, restart your Oculus to see if the issue is fixed.

That is all for our fixes for Oculus Assistant Service Stopped Working error. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC, then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.

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