In Octopath Traveler 2, one of the most challenging boss fights you’ll encounter is Mattias, who appears at the end of Ophilia’s story chapters. With multiple shields and the ability to summon powerful minions, defeating Mattias can be a tough task. However, by following our expert tips on exploiting his weaknesses and employing the right strategy, you’ll be able to claim victory against this menacing foe.

Mattias Boss Fight – Location and Lore

Mattias emerges as the final challenge in Ophilia’s Chapter 4, located within the Ebony Grotto in the Flatlands region of the Continent of Osterra. Prepare your party for a battle that will test your tactical skills and ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances.

Identifying Mattias’ Weaknesses

To effectively battle Mattias, it’s essential to understand his vulnerabilities. In terms of elemental weaknesses, Mattias is susceptible to Ice and Light attacks. To maximize your damage output, utilizing weapons such as Swords and Axes that exploit these weaknesses.

Mattias Special Attacks

Special AttackEffect
Consuming DarknessInflicts maximum damage to a single target.
Black GaleDeals significant damage to all enemies by summoning 2 Black Matter minions.
Dark BlessingCauses magic damage to all nearby foes.
Infernal PrayerIncreases physical damage dealt by enemies and allows Mattias to act earlier in the turn order.
Black ThunderUnleashes a powerful charged attack, dealing massive damage to all nearby opponents.

How to Beat Mattias

Reward: Mattias’ Sceptor

Here’s a strategic approach to conquering the Mattias boss fight in Octopath Traveler:

Phase One: Breaking Mattias’ Shields – Initially, Mattias has four shields that will regenerate two at a time, up to a maximum of eight. Focus on attacking his elemental and weapon weaknesses to break his shields quickly.

Phase Two: Handling the Senior Cultists – Mattias will summon two Senior Cultists, making him immune to magic attacks and reducing his weaknesses by half. Prioritize eliminating the Senior Cultists to deal further damage to Mattias.

Phase Three: Black Matter and Reflective Veil – Mattias will also summon two Black Matter minions, during which he will no longer be vulnerable to his previous weaknesses. Use Reflective Veil to protect your party from its powerful magic attacks.

Party Composition and Healing – Ensure that your party includes at least two healers to continuously recover from Mattias’ devastating blows. Keep your party’s health high and prioritize defense when necessary.

That’s everything you need to know on how to beat Mattias in Octopath Traveler. Need more help? See Orlick Boss Fight and Heathcote Boss Fight.

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