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Octopath Traveler Heathcote Boss Fight – Tips on How to Beat


Heathcote, the sly butler of House Ravus, is a boss you’ll encounter in Octopath Traveler during Therion’s story in Chapter 1. While he isn’t the most challenging adversary, you’ll need to know his weaknesses and devise a strategy to defeat him effectively. This guide will provide you with tips and tactics to beat Heathcote and his minions by detailing his weaknesses, special attacks, and the best attack patterns you should use against him.

Encountering Heathcote

Location: Ravus Manor’s L2 Section

Heathcote makes his appearance during Therion’s Chapter 1 in the L2 section of Ravus Manor. He’ll commend you on your progress before revealing his scheme to entice thieves using a fabricated tale of treasure. As you attempt to leave, Heathcote and a soldier will stand in your way and initiate the battle.

Understanding Heathcote’s Weaknesses

  • Physical Weaknesses: Daggers and Bows
  • Elemental Weaknesses: Fire and Ice
  • Status Ailment: Susceptible to Poison

Exploiting Heathcote’s vulnerabilities is crucial for success in this boss fight. Target his weaknesses to break his shields and deal significant damage.

Strategy for Defeating Heathcote

Heathcote’s Shield Points (SP)

Heathcote begins with 4 SP, while his soldier ally has 3 SP if you face him with Therion alone. However, if you engage him with a full party, his SP increases to 8, making the battle longer and more challenging.

Heathcote Special Attacks

Special AttacksEffects
Basic AttackHeathcote slashes for normal damage ranging between 30 and 40.
SliceA sword attack with a vertical slash, dealing 40 to 50 damage.
Double SpearInflicts 17 damage on your character with this attack.
SweepSimilar to Double Spear, but with a single hit on Therion. Guards may also use this spear attack.
Steel DefensesHeathcote reinforces his defenses, lasting approximately 3 turns.
Violent SlashHeathcote’s guard deals 10 or lower damage with this attack.
Summoning a RetainerHeathcote calls upon another guard if the first one is defeated.
Light HoppingUsed towards the end of the battle, Heathcote evades attacks with ease for 2 turns.
Stunning StrikerNearing the battle’s end, Heathcote heightens his senses and attacks with a high chance of missing.

Effective Attack Patterns

  1. Start by targeting Heathcote with dagger attacks and Fire Soulstone for fire damage.
  2. Focus on Heathcote primarily, as defeating his guard only prompts him to summon another.
  3. Keep an eye on your health and SP, using healing items and accessories when needed.
  4. Utilize Ice attacks to further deplete Heathcote’s SP.
  5. Use the Thief skill “Wildfire” to deal massive fire damage once Heathcote’s shields are broken.

Preparing for the Heathcote Boss Fight

Essential Items and Accessories

  1. Healing items: Olive of Life (M), Energizing Pomegranate (M) – steal these from Heathcote and his soldier during the battle.
  2. Accessories that boost SP to counteract Heathcote’s SP-draining attacks.

Rewards from the Heathcote Battle

Drops: Energizing Pomegranate (M)

By following this strategy guide, you’ll be well-prepared to defeat Heathcote and advance further into the world of Octopath Traveler 2. Remember to exploit his weaknesses, maintain your health and SP, and use your party’s skills to your advantage to ensure victory.

That’s a Wrap on Our Heathcote Boss Guide We hope you’ve found this Octopath Traveler Heathcote boss guide as helpful and informative as we intended. We also have a boss fight for Orlick that you may want to check out.

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