Nvidia MX350 graphics card has been spotted in leaked benchmarks of an Asus Zenbook. This graphics solution is going to replace the MX250 and is going to be aimed at the entry-level market. Benchmarks show that the Nvidia MX350 graphics performance is better than the GPU of the Apple Silicon A12Z Bionic chip.


Nvidia MX350 Vs Apple Silicon A12Z Bionic GPU

The Nvidia MX350 graphics card has 5 compute units the frequency is 936 MHz. Interestingly, the Apple Silicon A12Z GPU has 8 CUs, 3 more than the Nvidia MX350. It also runs faster at 1 GHz. Both of the graphics solutions have 2 GB of VRAM. Nvidia is most likely using GDDR5. We are not sure what Apple is going to use at this point in time. The Nvidia MX350 is able to perform better in OpenCL benchmarks. You can check out the numbers below:

Nvidia MX350 Apple A12Z

These are leaked benchmarks and should be taken with a grain of salt. The actual performance of both these products could be different. It will be interesting to compare both of these once we can test them against one another properly and the reviews are out.


The Apple A12Z Bionic is a very powerful chip. We recently saw benchmarks of it compared to the Microsoft Surface Pro X. The Apple chip was able to beat the Surface in benchmarks. Interestingly, the Surface is supposed to be more powerful on paper as it has more cores and the CPU runs faster compared to the Apple chip. The Apple A12Z Bionic was still able to beat the Surface Pro X.

Let us know what you think about the performance of the Apple A12Z Bionic and whether or not you are interested in buying a Mac that is powered by one of these Apple Silicon chips when they come out. Apple is going to support Intel chips for a while but you should not expect too much after 2 years or so.