Nvidia Ampere is the next-generation architecture that is going to replace Volta. The architecture has been confirmed by Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang. It is going to be a while before Nvidia Ampere hits the consumer market and we get graphics cards for gaming. But we do have a look at the Nvidia Ampere die for you.

Nvidia Ampere

Huang has already confirmed that this architecture is coming to Orin for autonomous vehicles. You can check out the video below to learn more about that.

These Nvidia Ampere die screenshots have been taken from the Nvidia DGX A100 system which is the world’s first 5-petaflops system, packaging the power of a data center into a unified platform for AI training, inference, and analytics.

Nvidia Ampere die

You can learn more about it in the video below:

Nvidia Ampere To Come To Gaming Graphics Cards?

It is not clear whether Ampere graphics cards are going to be available in the consumer market. While there have been reports for RTX 3000 series graphics cards, we have no way of knowing for sure that these will be powered by Ampere until we hear from Nvidia.

Take the RTX 2000 series for example. Nvidia introduced the Volta architecture just like Ampere but the architecture was never brought to gaming products. We got the Volta-based Titan V which was called the most powerful PC GPU ever created. All the gaming cards of the RTX 2000 series are based on Turing.

RTX 3000 series

The GTX series got the RT and Tensor cores stripped out as well. The GTX 1660 Ti is a perfect example of that. If Nvidia is using the same release plan as Volta and Turing then this could mean that the next generation RTX 3000 series could be around the corner and that we might get them in a couple of months.

We have heard reports that RTX 3000 series will enable the masses to game at 4K 60 FPS which does make sense keeping in mind that the PS5 and XSX are targeting those same numbers. Do take this with a grain of salt as it has not been confirmed by Nvidia. PS5 and Xbox Series X are coming later this year so Nvidia should have something ready by then.

Let us know what you think about the Nvidia Ampere die and whether to not you think the RTX 3000 series will be powered by this architecture.

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