Keeping up with the sizzling summer adventures, Nutaku makes a splash with an incredibly tempting Summer Sale event. The 12-day event hosts a wide array of time-
limited deals and packages, encouraging affordable 18+ gaming while sipping that lemonade to beat the heat. The event takes place from August 1st to 12th.

Fans can take advantage by purchasing Gold from one of the three Starter Gold Packages available at a bonus of up to an irresistible 125%. The newly released free-to-play game Project QT is featuring in-game purchases at 65% off, slashing prices for a gratifying gaming experience. Furthermore, fan favorites like Kamihime Project R and Crystal Maidens are providing special bonuses on jewels, while Booty Calls: Men At Work will reward players with a unique quest image with the character Max.

Nutaku Summer Sale

Additionally, Nutaku’s premium games are also up for grabs at a steal, available at a discount of up to 93%. Titles like My Girlfriend, Seed of the Dead, Negligee: Love Stories are set to entice players with up to 35% off. Players can check out all the promotions during the Nutaku Summer Sale event HERE.

So far, my favorite game that the publisher has released is Booty Calls. Nutaky also recently released a new game called Project QT. is the largest game website in the world dedicated to providing free-to-play and downloadable titles to 18+ gamers. Featuring over 200 high-quality games for both PC and mobile, ranks within the top 300 websites in the world, boasting over 120 million visits per month.