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Intel Comet Lake-S CPUs are around the corner and if you have a Noctua CPU cooler and are interested in upgrading then you might be interested in knowing whether or not it is going to work with the new LGA1200 socket. Or maybe you are interested in building a new PC and want to research about the supported CPU coolers. Here we are going to go over all the Noctua CPU coolers that support Intel Comet Lake LGA1200 socket.

Intel Comet Lake LGA 1200 Socket Supporting Noctua CPU Coolers

The heatsink mounting on Intel’s new LGA1200 platform (code name Comet Lake S) is identical to all LGA115x sockets (LGA1150, LGA1151, LGA1155, LGA1156). Therefore, all Noctua CPU coolers that support LGA115x also support LGA1200 and don’t require any mounting updates. The following are the CPU coolers that support LGA1200 out of the box.

The following are the CPU coolers that can be made compatible with he LGA1200 socket for free with the NM-i115x upgrade-kit:

  • NH-C12P
  • NH-D15 SE-AM4
  • NH-L9x65 SE-AM4
  • NH-U12
  • NH-U12F
  • NH-U12P
  • NH-U12P SE1366
  • NH-U12S SE-AM4
  • NH-U9
  • NH-U9F
  • NH-U9B

The following models can be made compatible with the LGA1200 socket using the NM-i115x upgrade-kit but are not eligible for Noctua‘s free mounting offer, so users have to purchase the kit at local resellers:

  • NH-U12DO (Note that the A3 version is not compatible)
  • NH-U12DX
  • NH-U12DX 1366
  • NH-U12DX i4
  • NH-U9DX i4
  • NH-U9DX 1366
  • NH-U9DO (Note that the A3 version is not compatible)

Lastly, there are the Noctua CPU coolers that are not compatible with the Intel Comet Lake-S LGA1200 socket and they cannot be made compatible either. These CPU coolers are as follows:

  • NH-U14S TR4-SP3
  • NH-U12S TR4-SP3
  • NH-U9 TR4-SP3
  • NH-U12DO A3
  • NH-U9 DO A3
  • NH-L9a
  • NH-L9a-AM4
  • NH-L9a-AM4

Let us know what you think about the LGA1200 socket support by Noctua and the fact that the company is giving free upgrade kits for most of its coolers.

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