No More Heroes 3 has launched for Nintendo Switch after that long wait. There are a lot of activities to do and things to collect in the game and WESN (World Ending Super Nova) is one of them. This No More Heroes 3 guide will help players with how to farm WESN.

How To Farm WESN

WESN is an in-game currency that is needed to upgrade your stats along with getting T-shirts from certain enemies and get more Gacha Capsules. Players can earn WESN while just playing the main story. However, it won’t be enough to fully upgrade stats or acquiring the extras. Here is how to farm WESN.

The easiest way to farm WESN is to use the Time Machine and travel back to beat a boss on a Berry Sweet difficulty. Now, I know players will get more WESN at a higher difficulty but, the time requires isn’t worth it. On Berry Sweet, players will earn more WESN in less or the same amount of time.

If Farming is the main reason why you want to fight bosses again, there is no need to increase difficutly. Also, the higher the boss rank the more WESN players will earn by defeating them. So just keep defeating bosses and earn WESN.

That is all for our No More Heroes 3 guide with tips on how to farm WESN.

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