In No More Heroes 3, you will play the role of an otaku named Travis Touchdown, who wields a beam katana. There are quite a few intensively powerful assassins in No More Heroes 3 that you will come up against. You will need to learn how to upgrade to keep up with all the mechanics of the game. This is the guide for you to know how to upgrade your character’s stats in No More Heroes 3.

Upgrade Stats in No More Heroes 3

You can upgrade Travis’s any stats that you want. To upgrade them, you first need to access a Laboratory, which is right beneath the motel that Travis lives in located in Santa Destroy. There are several machines in the lab, and you can choose to upgrade your stats by accessing the respective machine.

To upgrade certain stats of Travis Touchdown, you will need to spend your hard-earned in-game currency called WESN. As soon as you upgrade your character, you will feel the heat and the battles will be easy as compared to the first time when you fought with the same enemies. There are two ways to enter the lab:

  1. The first way is to head into the lab from the front of the board which says “Burger Suplex”. You need to go in from here and then navigate to the basement through the stairs.
  2. The second way of going into the lab is by the fireman’s pole in Travis’s apartment. You can choose to go down through the pole and this will take you into the lab.

After you have reached the lab, you can mess around with various types of machines in the lab. You should mainly interact with the arcade machine right in the center of the lab called the “Power Up Machine”.

You can upgrade various abilities using this machine, such as health, power, attack, and death skill cooldown reduction. You can as well unlock a few special moves using this machine. All you need is to have WESN in your wallet.

This is everything that we have on getting upgrades in No More Heroes 3. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed No More Heroes 3 wiki page.

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