No More Heroes 3 has a pretty interesting secret ending that you can unlock after you are done with the campaign. You can get this true ending of the game by completing all the main quests, defeating all the bosses, and watching the small scene that rolls after the credits are finished. Continue reading to see what happens in the true ending of No More Heroes 3.

To watch the true ending of No More Heroes 3, you are required to do the following things:

  • Complete the Campaign: When you defeat the final boss after completing the story, you will be greeted by an ending scene with Travis and his allies attending the funeral of Badman.
  • Watch The Post Credit Scene: The true ending is played after the credits. It is a 2D animated short that depicts King Jess Baptiste V on Earth and the arrival of Travis’ twins Hunter and Jeane that hint at the return of Henry Cooldown.

As for what happens during the true ending, that is all explained below. However, before we being, do note that the guide contains potential spoilers. We recommend not reading if you wish to experience it all yourself.

Badman’s Funeral
After you go through the main story that No More Heroes allows you to explore, the funeral for Badman is held. At this funeral, Bad Girl makes a brief appearance as she tells us about how her father lived, shortly before scattering his ashes over the sea.

Visitors From the Future
King Jess Baptiste V comes to our planet in an attempt to make peaceful relations with humans. Travis makes the reasonable claim that he is not a representative of Earth and that King Jess should go talk to them to make actual peace with this planet.

The king sees this as a failure to negotiate and he makes an announcement that he will now cease this planet but then he is abruptly killed.

Travis’ twins arrive from the future and they are revealed to be the people that killed the King. They also reveal the Native Dancer is Jean’s son.

They have come from the future to kill Henry Cooldown who had killed Travis in their timeline and teamed up with aliens. He has almost destroyed the planet. The kids tell Travis to help them in the family war to conclude the game.

Teasers for a New No More Heroes Game
The ending of No More Heroes 3 could be an allusion to the next installment of this franchise that will tie up all the loose ends left by this one. We will be waiting eagerly for this to happen.

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