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How to Eat Sushi in No More Heroes 3


You need to keep your character healthy and fit by getting him food to eat and provide him a good buff in No More Heroes 3. This is one of the early tasks, which prompts you to eat sushi from Bugzaburo, but it doesn’t tell you how you exactly eat it. Follow this guide, it will let you know why sushi matters a lot in No More Heroes 3.

No More Heroes 3 Sushi

Eating Sushi is important to perform perfect dodge, or you can also perform some intense wrestling moves. First off, you will need to buy sushi to consume it. You can purchase sushi from Bugzaburo. You can eat sushi only when you are engaged in a battle with enemies.

Once you consume the sushi, it will be greyed out from the menu meaning you can’t use it again or you may have run out of it. To eat sushi in the heat of the battle, you need to press the left and right D-pad buttons then press the arrow up to consume it.

These are all the types of sushi that you can eat, and what are their effects in the game:

  • Maguro: Restores HP | 500 UC
  • Kappa Maki: Restores Beam Katana Power | 300 UC
  • Futomaki: Improves Slash Reel followed by a Slot Machine | 210 UC
  • Tamago: Increases Tension | 400 UC
  • Ikura: Temporarily Increases Attack Power | 500 UC
  • Ebi: Breaks the Cooldown Period of Death Gloves Abilities and Restores them | 400 UC

This is everything there is to know about sushi in No More Heroes 3. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed No More Heroes 3 wiki page.

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