Repairing the ship in No Man’s Sky is important if you want to explore the universe and our No Man’s Sky Ship Repair Guide will help you with just that.


No Man’s Sky Ships are the best part of the game as you won’t able do anything without it. To fix the ship you need fist repair your scanner and after that, you need to repair the pulse engine and the launch thruster to get the ship working in No Man’s Sky. Our No Man’s Sky Ship Repair Guide will help you step-by-step on how to repair your ship.

How To Repair Scanner

Before you can repair the scanner, you need to gather the necessary materials. These usually include:

  1. Carbon: Found in most plant life. You can gather it by mining trees, plants, or other vegetation.
  2. Ferrite Dust: This is obtained by mining rocks and small boulders with your multi-tool.
  3. Chromatic Metal: This is refined from Copper, Cadmium, Emeril, or Indium. You’ll need a portable refiner, which requires fuel like Carbon or Condensed Carbon.

Repair Process

Open your inventory and select the multi-tool tab. Find the scanner in your multi-tool inventory. Click on the scanner to see the required materials for repair. Once you have the required materials, click on the damaged scanner and select the repair option.

Testing The Scanner

Use the scanner (usually by pressing C on a keyboard or L3 on a console controller) to ensure it’s working correctly. This will help confirm the scanner’s full functionality.

Always have a small stock of repair materials in your inventory. Note that upgrades can make your scanner more robust against damage. If possible, have a backup multi-tool in case your primary one gets severely damaged.

Preventing Future Damage

  1. Avoid Hazardous Environments: When possible, avoid extreme weather conditions or hazardous planets.
  2. Use Protective Upgrades: Equip your suit and multi-tool with upgrades that protect against environmental hazards.

How To Repair Your Ship

Repairing your ship means repairing the Pulse Engine and Launch Thruster. To repair the Pulse Engine you need 1x Hermetic Seal and 1x Metal Plating and to repair Launch Thruster you need 50x Pure Ferrite and 1x Di-hydrogen Jelly.

Pulse Engine Repair

Repairing the Pulse Engine in “No Man’s Sky” is a vital task, especially when you’re stranded on a planet. The Pulse Engine is responsible for space flight and jumping between planets, so keeping it in good working condition is crucial.

Identifying the Problem

  1. Check Engine Status: The status of your Pulse Engine can be viewed in the starship inventory. If it’s damaged, it will be highlighted.
  2. Common Causes of Damage: Damage often occurs due to space combat, meteor impacts, or general wear and tear.

Gathering Repair Materials

For the Pulse Engine repair, you’ll need:

  1. Hermetic Seal: This is sometimes found in planetary buildings or can be crafted using Condensed Carbon.
  2. Metal Plating: Crafted from Ferrite Dust, which is obtained by mining rocks on planets.

Let’s first discuss how and where you can acquire Hermetic Seal and Metal Plating. Metal Plating has to be crafted and for that collect 50 Ferrite Dust by destroying rocks. Once you have enough, craft the Metal Plating and add to the ship.

finding Metal Plating for ship repair in No Man's Sky

Finding Hermetic Seal is going to be difficult. After replacing the Metal Plating, get in the ship’s cockpit and you’ll be prompted to open the nearby distress signal.

Open it and you’ll receive a planetary chart. Open your inventory and use the planetary chart to set a course to Hermetic Seal’s location. While you are on your way to Hermetic Seal you’ll face some dangerous weather and that is where your Hazard Protection in No Man’s Sky comes in.

opening a  planetary chart in No Man's Sky.

Eventually, you’ll come to an abandoned building. Activate the Holo-Archive and you’ll get the Hermetic Seal.

As you leave the building open your inventory and select an empty slot on your Multi-tool and then use the Analysis Visor to begin the installation. Then collect 50 Carbon by destroying trees and plants and craft the Carbon Nanotubes for your visor.

Go to the multi-toll in your inventory and install the Analysis Visor and get back to your ship. Get to the ship and add the Hermetic Seal to the Pulse Engine and the Pulse Engine will be fixed.

Testing the Pulse Engine

After repairing:

  1. Test the Engine in Space: Engage the Pulse Engine (usually Shift on a keyboard or R1+L1 on a console controller).
  2. Monitor for Smooth Operation: Look for any warning messages or performance issues.

Maintenance Tips

  • Regular Maintenance: Frequently check your Pulse Engine’s status, especially after space journeys or battles.
  • Stock Repair Materials: Keep Hermetic Seals and Metal Plating handy in your inventory.
  • Consider Upgrades: Upgrades can enhance durability and reduce repair frequency.

Preventing Future Damage

  1. Avoid Risky Encounters: Evade unnecessary space combat and dangerous environments.
  2. Navigate Safely: Be cautious when flying through asteroid fields or near hazardous planets.

How To Repair Launch Thruster

With the Pulse Engine fixes in No Man’s Sky, it’s time to repair the Launch Thruster. To repair the Launch Thruster you need 50x Pure Ferrite and 1x Di-hydrogen Jelly.

To craft Di-hydrogen Jelly you need to collect 40 Di-hydrogen. Use the scanner and locate the nearest source of Di-hydrogen and mine it. Once the required amount is collected, craft the Di-hydrogen Jelly and add to the Launch Thruster. As for the Pure Ferrite and for that you need 50 Ferrite Dust and after that, you need to build a Portable Refiner.

To build a Portable Refiner you need to craft Metal Plating and collect 30 Oxygen from plants and animals. Once the ingredients are collected, open the Build Menu and build the Portable Refiner.

Place the Portable Refiner and collect Carbon from nearby plants. Now input the 50 Ferrite Dust into the refiner and make the Pure Ferrite. Head back to the ship and add it to the Launch thruster and your ship is now fixed and don’t forget to take the refiner with you.

Testing the Launch Thruster

After repairing:

  1. Test Takeoff: Attempt to take off from the planet’s surface to ensure the Thruster is functioning properly.
  2. Monitor Performance: During takeoff, watch for any signs of malfunction or inefficiency.

Maintenance Tips

  • Regular Inspection: Regularly check the condition of your Launch Thruster, especially after long expeditions or landings on rough terrain.
  • Carry Spare Materials: Keep extra Pure Ferrite and Di-Hydrogen Jelly in your inventory for emergency repairs.
  • Upgrade for Efficiency: Installing upgrades can reduce fuel consumption and improve durability.

Preventing Future Damage

  1. Smooth Landings: Try to land your starship gently to reduce the risk of damage.
  2. Avoid Hazardous Planets: Extremely hostile environments can accelerate wear and tear.


Q1. What are the essential materials for repairing the Pulse Engine and Launch Thruster in No Man’s Sky?
A1. Pulse Engine Repair requires 1 Hermetic Seal and 1 Metal Plating. Launch Thruster Repair needs 50 Pure Ferrite and 1 Di-Hydrogen Jelly.

Q2. How can I repair my scanner in No Man’s Sky?
A2. To repair the scanner, you need Carbon (from plants) and Ferrite Dust (from rocks). Repair it via the multi-tool inventory using these materials.

Q3. Can I repair crashed ships I find on planets, and how?
A3. Yes, you can repair crashed ships by locating and claiming them, then repairing critical components like the Pulse Engine and Launch Thruster.

Q4. Is it worth repairing a crashed ship in No Man’s Sky?
A4. It depends on your needs and resources. Crashed ships can offer better storage or features but require significant resources to repair.

Q5. What are the common causes of damage to the scanner and ship components?
A5. Scanner damage is often from environmental hazards or combat. Ship damage can result from space combat, meteor impacts, rough landings, and hostile environments.

Q6. How do I prevent frequent repairs to my ship and scanner?
A6. Perform regular maintenance, carry spare materials, upgrade components, and explore carefully to avoid damage.

Q7. Can I upgrade my ship and scanner to reduce the frequency of repairs?
A7. Yes, installing various upgrades can enhance durability and efficiency, reducing repair frequency.

Q8. Are there any tips for efficient resource gathering for repairs?
A8. Explore various planets, manage resources wisely, and use refiners to create advanced materials.

Q9. Can I have multiple ships, and how does it affect repairs?
A9. Owning multiple ships is possible and useful for backup or different tasks, affecting repair strategies.

Q10. What should I do if I run out of repair materials while on a planet?
A10. Gather resources locally, trade at stations or posts, or use a signal booster to locate resources.

That is all for our No Man’s Sky ship repair guide with tips on how to repair the Pulse Engine and Launch Thruster to get the ship working and start exploring the galaxy.