No Man’s Sky Ship Repair Guide – Scanner Repair, How To Repair Pulse Engine, Launch Thruster Repair

No Man's Sky Ship Repair Guide

Repairing the ship in No Man’s Sky is important if you want to explore the universe and our No Man’s Sky Ship Repair Guide will help you with just that.

No Man’s Sky Ship Repairs

No Man’s Sky Ships are an important part of the game as you won’t able do anything without it. To fix the ship you need fist repair your scanner and after that, you need to repair the pulse engine and the launch thruster to get the ship working in No Man’s Sky. Our No Man’s Sky Ship Repair Guide will help you step-by-step on how to repair your ship.

How To Repair Scanner

Before repairing your ship, you need to get to it and for that, you’ll need a scanner to get to your ship. To fix your scanner you need to first collect 75 Ferrite Dust.

75 Ferrite Dust isn’t difficult to find as you can collect it by destroying rocks using Multi-Tool’s mining beam. Once collected, fo to your Multi-Tool inventory and repair your scanner.

How To Repair Your Ship

Repairing your ship means repairing the Pulse Engine and Launch Thruster. To repair the Pulse Engine you need 1x Hermetic Seal and 1x Metal Plating and to repair Launch Thruster you need 50x Pure Ferrite and 1x Di-hydrogen Jelly.

Pulse Engine Repair

Let’s first discuss how and where you can acquire Hermetic Seal and Metal Plating. Metal Plating has to be crafted and for that collect 50 Ferrite Dust by destroying rocks. Once you have enough, craft the Metal Plating and add to the ship.

Finding Hermetic Seal is going to be difficult. After replacing the Metal Plating, get in the ship’s cockpit and you’ll be prompted to open the nearby distress signal.

Open it and you’ll receive a planetary chart. Open your inventory and use the planetary chart to set a course to Hermetic Seal’s location. While you are on your way to Hermetic Seal you’ll face some dangerous weather and that is where your Hazard Protection in No Man’s Sky comes in.

Eventually, you’ll come to an abandoned building. Activate the Holo-Archive and you’ll get the Hermetic Seal.

As you leave the building open your inventory and select an empty slot on your Multi-tool and then use the Analysis Visor to begin the installation. Then collect 50 Carbon by destroying trees and plants and craft the Carbon Nanotubes for your visor.

Go to the multi-toll in your inventory and install the Analysis Visor and get back to your ship. Get to the ship and add the Hermetic Seal to the Pulse Engine and the Pulse Engine will be fixed.

How To Repair Launch Thruster

With the Pulse Engine fixes in No Man’s Sky, it’s time to repair the Launch Thruster. To repair the Launch Thruster you need 50x Pure Ferrite and 1x Di-hydrogen Jelly.

To craft Di-hydrogen Jelly you need to collect 40 Di-hydrogen. Use the scanner and locate the nearest source of Di-hydrogen and mine it. Once the required amount is collected, craft the Di-hydrogen Jelly and add to the Launch Thruster. As for the Pure Ferrite and for that you need 50 Ferrite Dust and after that, you need to build a Portable Refiner.

To build a Portable Refiner you need to craft Metal Plating and collect 30 Oxygen from plants and animals. Once the ingredients are collected, open the Build Menu and build the Portable Refiner.

Place the Portable Refiner and collect Carbon from nearby plants. Now input the 50 Ferrite Dust into the refiner and make the Pure Ferrite. Head back to the ship and add it to the Launch thruster and your ship is now fixed and don’t forget to take the refiner with you.

That is all for our No Man’s Sky ship repair guide with tips on how to repair the Pulse Engine and Launch Thruster to get the ship working and start exploring the galaxy.