The refiner is one of the most important tools you’ll be using from the get-go in No Man’s Sky. A refiner will extract of one resource from another or combining more than one resource to form a useful one which will certainly help you develop tech faster. Read in our guide below to get informed about how a Refiner functions, and what you’ll need to build it in the game.

Refiner In No Man’s Sky

Thanks to how crucial a Refiner is to developing and utilizing resources, the game goes out of its way to establish its building procedure in a tutorial. The Refiner comes in three categories, depending on its functionality and capacity, with the portable being present in the tutorial. Its blueprint is present by default in the “portable technology” tab. Simply invest 50 Ferrite Dust (Metal Plating) and 30 Oxygen for the crafting process to be completed.

Now that you’ve built a simple portable Refiner, you can use it by first feeding it carbon-based fuel in the fueling spot. Thereafter, you can place the desired reagent in the input spot. This is the material you’ll be processing or refining into a more efficient and valuable resource. An example includes that of converting Ferrite Dust into Pure Ferrite, or Carbon into Condensed Carbon. The game will display info about all the materials you can synthesize with the available raw materials in your inventory. Once the process is completed, a green light on the Refiner will indicate the output is ready for collection.

The Uses Of A Refiner And Its Categories

At its core, a refiner converts raw materials into more condensed and refined ones, increasing their utility and efficiency. The immediate effects including less burden in terms of capacity and reduced recharge time and resource-requirement since refined items carry more capability and are thus required in small amounts. Not to mention, the base values (in units) of the refined items are significantly higher than those of the raw materials.

The only drawback to using a refiner is that it requires fuel to be manufactured and inputted and that the refining process itself may take a while if the desired output is resource-intensive. To combat these two problems, two upgraded versions of the portable Refiner exist Medium and Large Refiners. Both of these are non-portable and won’t consume fuel as they are powered by player’s Habitable Base. Moreover, these two versions can break down the more valuable refined item into its components when the need be, unlike the portable version.

Medium Refiner can refine two items into another, unlike the portable version which could only refine a single one into the output. To build it, you must first unlock the blueprint from one of the Base Computer mission. Then you’ll need to invest 100 Magnetised Ferrite and 5 Di-hydrogen Jelly for its production.

The Large Refiner can refine three items into another, more than the Medium or Portable version. For it’s crafting process, a blueprint is to be obtained first which can be done via one of the Scientific Research missions. Then, you need 200 Chromatic Metal, 100 Sodium Nitrate, and 5 Microprocessors to produce the Large Refiner.

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