Now that No Man’s Sky Living Ships update is out you may want to know how to farm more Quicksilver. The reason you need Quicksilver now is that the Living Ship can only be acquired with this premium currency. You can read our guide for the Living Ship for more details.

How to Farm Quicksilver

Getting Quicksilver is No Man’s Sky is extremely annoying and hard to do. It now becomes more annoying now that you want to get your hands on the Void Egg. The egg in question is used to hatch the Living Ship in No Man’s Sky. You need 3000 Quicksilver to buy one Void Egg and then wait for over 24 hours for it to hatch and give birth to the living ship. However, the process won’t start if you can’t get the Void Egg and for that, you need to farm Quicksilver.

Those playing the game for a while may have enough currency saved up but if you haven’t or you are a new player, life will be hard. So, how to farm? Well, head inside your ship and press the D-pad. You must summon Anomaly that is the main social hun introduced in the Beyond NMS update. Get on the ship locate the floating robot at the center of the platform, this is The Nexus. Talk to the Nexus and you will get a quest. Complete the quest and receive Quicksilver as a reward. The Nexus Quicksilver rewards are limited to one per day which means it is to grind that you must go through. Log into the game every day and complete the available quest to farm as much Quicksilver as possible in No Man’s Sky. Also, play the game over the weekends and special events to get this premium currency.

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