The No Man’s Sky Outlaws update has been great for players to provide new content and features. However, a glitch has been discovered that allows players to generate infinite money and nanites. This is done by following specific steps that take advantage of the game’s system.

In No Man’s Sky, you explore an infinite procedurally generated universe while striving to survive. The game is renowned for its vast scale and scope, but one of its most recent patches has introduced a game-breaking glitch that allows players to generate infinite money and nanites. Nanites are used to purchase different upgrade modules for both the multi-tool and any vehicle, but they’re also needed to upgrade any ship from one class to another.

While this glitch will likely be patched as soon as Hello Games can get to it, now is the time to purchase any upgrades and sell the appropriate items to enhance all gear completely. With this infinite money glitch in No Man’s Sky, there’s never been a better time to explore the universe and find all of its secrets.

How to Do the No Man’s Sky Outlaws Infinite Money Glitch?

No Man’s Sky players looking for an easy way to make some quick money will be happy to know that there is new infinite money exploit. With the release of the No Man’s Sky Outlaws update, players can now sell stacks of items from their ship’s cargo inventory. This means that players can repeatedly sell the same stack of items if they don’t remove the items from the cargo inventory.

However, it should be noted that the value of the items will decrease each time they are sold, so players will need to carefully balance their need for money with the need to keep their reputation high. Thanks to this new exploit, No Man’s Sky players will never have to worry about money again.

The process is moderately simple if you’re looking to get infinite nanites in No Man’s Sky. You need to purchase an upgrade module from a salvage dealer at any outlaw station, store it in your ship’s cargo inventory, and then sell it to the vendor.

This is a great way to get infinite nanites if you’re trying to upgrade your ship or equipment. The item will not disappear from your cargo inventory, and you’ll be able to get an unlimited supply of nanites. Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps!

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