Inventory management is an important part of No Man’s Sky considering you’ll be collecting a lot of things. Our No Man’s Sky Inventory Management Guide will help you with tips on managing your inventory space and types of inventory.

No Man’s Sky Inventory Management

No Man’s Sky might’ve not been the game that devs promised at launch but it has improved significantly since then. One of the improvements were make to the game’s inventory and in our guide we will help you manage your inventory space and more.

Inventory Type

Before we start, let’s discuss the types of inventory in No Man’s Sky. The game features three types on inventory space namely General, technology, and Cargo.

As the name suggests, general inventory is for storing resources, valuables, component parts and the rest of the standard inventory items.

Cargo storage s only available on the Exosuit which adds slots with high storage capacity. This obviously results in players being able to store resources in greater number.

This only serves to install technology upgrades.

How To Save Storage Space

Given that storage space is limited, no matter how high-capacity it is, there will always be need for saving storage space. Here are a few tips that will help you save storage space in No Man’s Sky.

Always Install Tech Upgrades in Technology Slot
Given that applying technology upgrades take up space, make sure you are installing them in the technology slot available in Exosuit and Ship menus.

Stack Minerals
Minerals can stack up to 250 per slot, however, this number reaches to 500 for certain Starship and cargo slots.

Trade Commodities
Some commodities in No Man’s Sky can’t be stacked and have to be stored in separate slots. It’s better to sell these resources or commodities as they serve no purpose other than earning you units.

Transfer Inventory From Exosuit To Starship
If you are running low on inventory space then you can transfer you inventory to Starship from anywhere. However, you have to be in a close proximity to your Starship and the same goes for selling resources and other stuff in your Starship.

Increase Storage Space
You can increase storage space in for your Exosuit by discovering terminals in Drop Pods. However, you must pay a fee to upgrade storage space and each time the fee increases by 10,000 units.

Get a Bigger Starship
Bigger Starships have more storage space so make sure to buy a bigger Starship once you have enough units, for this you can check our money guide.

Don’t Forget the Freighter Storage
As the title suggests, make sure that you transfer your inventory to Freighter storage as it features more storage capacity.

That is all for our No Man’s Sky Inventory Management Guide with tips on how to manage your inventory space and inventory types.