Derelict Freighters are random encounters in No Man’s Sky and each star system has one freighter flying about. Our No Man’s Sky Derelict Freighters Guide will help players with how to find them.


How To Find Derelict Freighters

No Man’s Sky has introduced derelict freighters with its update 2.6. These freighters provide players with a lot of salvage if they manage to find them and board them. Boarding these freighters isn’t enough as players will have to overcome the threats on these ships.

Conquering these Derelict Freighters isn’t easy but the reward is just too good to pass. As I mentioned above, these Derelict Freighters are random encounters but there is a way through which players can find them.

One way to find the Derelict Freighters is by talking to the scrap dealer. Each start system has one Derelict Freighter. Go to the space station of the star system and talk to the scrap dealer there.


The scrap dealer will provide players with the coordinates of the Derelict Freighter by giving them an Emergency Broadcast Receiver. However, players will have to pay for it.

The price for the Emergency Broadcast Receiver resets every day and varies depending on the demand. Also, players will get one free from Iteration Helios.

The other way to find these Derelict Freighters is to stumble upon them randomly while exploring. As I mentioned above, each star system has one Derelict Freighter floating about. The Players’ pulse driver will detect the Freighter if they are close to it. However, given the scope of each star system, the chances of stumbling across one randomly are very slim.

That is all for our No Man’s Sky Derelict Freighters Guide with tips on how to hind them. For more on the game, also see our Exo Mech Suit Guide and Farming Guide.



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