No Man’s Sky Beyond Milk Creatures Guide – How to Milk Creatures

No Man's Sky milk creatures

Like all resources in No Man’s Sky Beyond, milk is an important material that can be utilized for different purposes. But as far as every interaction with creatures goes, you’ll need to tame it first and then follow the procedure of acquiring milk from it. In this guide, we are going to walk you through how you can milk creatures in No Man’s Sky.

How to Milk Creatures in No Man’s Sky Beyond

Before you can interact with a creature, you’ll need to ensure that you tame it. Otherwise, the alien will just flee at the sight of you. We have a separate Creature taming guide for you. You’re prompted to construct a Nutrient Processor and cook a preferred bait for the creature by scanning it with your Analysis Visor.

Now when you’re harvesting the animal for materials, you might obtain milk as a result. Other times, you’ll be granted different valuable resources apart from milk. In order to further facilitate the process of milking the creature, you can place a harvesting node or feeding unit to automatically carry the process. This prevents them from running away and eases off the burden of milking the creature manually.

This marks the end of our No Man’s Sky guide on how you can milk creatures.