Taming creatures is a tad bit complex process so you’ll need to learn how to effectively use baits and create pellets in No Man’s Sky Beyond. Taming is specific to creature species and a tonne of ingredient and recipes are required to make the perfect corresponding bait. While pellets are general to all creatures. In this No Man’s Sky Beyond Creature Taming Guide we are going to go over how you can tame creatures in the game.

Last updated on August 28th, 2019 at 02:05 am

Acquiring the Nutrient Processor Blueprint

The first part of taming a creature requires you to acquire the Nutrient Processor blueprint. This can be obtained from The Nexus on the Space Anomaly. This location is close to Polo and Nada, and you can use the Construction Research Terminal here.  This is the one towards the left in the room which isn’t operated by any NPC. Open it up for an expanded research tree and spend 10 Salvage Data to acquire the Nutrient Processor blueprint.

Construct the item by investing 2 Metal Plating, 1 Hermetic Seal and 25 Sodium. Now you can successfully work on making bait and move ever so closer to taming a creature.

Creating Creature Pellets

The blueprint for Creature pellets is already unlocked for you once you boot up No Man’s Sky Beyond. Pellets are kind of a universal food which you can feed creatures to pacify them. This allows you to analyze them easily and then use the bait on them without any hassle.

Pellets can be crafted by utilizing 20 Carbon, so you are able to acquire a single pellet for these carbon pieces. Thankfully, having the Nutrient Processor allows you to craft one creature pellet only using 5 Carbon.

Creating Bait for Creature

First, in order to know what creature prefers what type of bait, you’ll need to analyze the beast with your Analysis Visor. This pops up a small menu to your left naming the bait you require for the creature. The recipe for the bait is added as a Catalogue Entry which you can access from the in-game pause menu.  Head to the Catalogues tab and to the Cooking Products section.

Here, all ingredients required for the bait will be displayed. You can collect these as you explore your surroundings or harvest them from certain creatures. For e.g. Faecium is an element that can be acquired when a creature defecates. Most materials can be obtained from harvesting plants. Once you’ve acquired all ingredients, combine them with the Nutrient Processor. All that’s left now is for you to select the Creature Bait option from the Utility menu, and successfully tame the creature using the bait.

The bait can be applied to the creature in close range or can be thrown from a distance. If the creature is big it can be used as a mount and you can take it back to your hub of operations. While the smaller ones can also be useful to acquire milk and eggs.

This marks the end of our No Man’s Sky beyond creature taming guide. For more information regarding the game, be sure to check out our guides on Meaty Chunks and how you can milk animals in the game.