In a surprising outburst on social media, Jeff Ross, the director of the acclaimed post-apocalyptic video game “Days Gone,” took to Twitter to express his disappointment and frustration regarding the canceled sequel, revealing details that shed light on the project’s demise. Ross lamented that the highly anticipated “Days Gone 2” could have already been in players’ hands had the original team remained intact and Sony prioritized its development.

“I get a little bummed out from these #PlayStationShowcase shows because they only remind me we could’ve had Days Gone 2 out a month ago if we’d have just stuck to our guns,” Ross candidly tweeted, hinting at underlying disagreements within the development process that led to the sequel’s cancellation.

The revelation came as a shock to fans who were eagerly awaiting news about the next installment in the Days Gone franchise. Many expressed their disappointment and curiosity, urging Ross to explore the possibility of reviving the project independently or with alternative backing. But since Sony owns the IP, that’s not possible!

When questioned about the feasibility of continuing the game’s development, Ross expressed his skepticism. “Too much time has passed, and over 90 people from the original team have left the studio. And Sony just doesn’t seem to care for it,” he replied, hinting at the substantial challenges that would impede any further progress on the sequel.

Ross’s response further highlighted the significant obstacles faced by the project, including a dwindling workforce and a perceived lack of support from Sony Interactive Entertainment, the publisher responsible for the “Days Gone” franchise. The departure of key team members and the absence of strong corporate backing cast doubts over the future of the highly anticipated sequel.

Despite the discouraging circumstances, Ross did provide a glimmer of hope, albeit a faint one, stating that the chances of “Days Gone 2” ever being made were “one in a million.” This statement left fans wondering if there was a sliver of possibility for the game’s resurrection, even against the odds.

The cancellation of “Days Gone 2” marks another instance where a highly anticipated game failed to materialize, adding to a growing list of disappointments within the gaming industry. However, it also underscores the complex dynamics between developers and publishers, with creative visions sometimes being compromised or sidelined due to various factors.

As fans await further clarification on the fate of “Days Gone 2,” the gaming community remains divided, with some expressing their support for Ross and the team’s original vision, while others speculate about the future of the franchise. One thing is certain: the absence of the sequel has left a void in the hearts of dedicated players and cast a cloud of uncertainty over the potential for the Days Gone universe to expand.

In the coming weeks, it remains to be seen whether any additional insights or updates will surface regarding the reasons behind the cancellation and whether alternative avenues for the game’s continuation may emerge. Until then, fans can only hope that the journey of “Days Gone” will not meet an untimely end and that its legacy will endure, irrespective of the sequel’s fate.

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