Nioh 2 Yokai Weapons Guide: All Yokai Weapons, Effects, Categories

Nioh 2 Yokai weapons

In Nioh 2 you can get special weapons called Yokai Weapons. These can be obtained by defeating Yokai enemies in the game. In this Nioh 2 Yokai weapons guide, we are going to go over all the Yokai weapons in the game and tell you about their effects.

Yokai Weapons are imbued with corruption which allows them to deal more ki damage. They can also build up corruption status effects. Enemies that are affected by these affected receive higher Ki and Yoaki Force damage.

Nioh 2 Yokai Weapons

When you hit enemies with Yokai weapons your Sentience Gauge will fill up. When it is filled to the max you will achieve the Awakened State. In this state, weapon powers are enhanced.

Nioh 2 Yokai weapons

The following are all the different Yokai weapons in Nioh 2 and the different effects that they have:

Weapon Name Effects Category
Tokagemaru Imbue Corruption +10 Sword
Weathered Bone & Bleached Twig Imbue Corruption +10 Dual Swords
Yamanba’s Knives Imbue Corruption +10

Melee Damage vs. Unscathed Enemies +4.5%

Dual Swords
Bonepile Spear Imbue Corruption +10 Spear
Demon’s Axe Imbue Corruption +10 Axe
Rotten Rope Cutter Imbue Corruption +10 Kusarigama
Bloodspider Blade Imbue Corruption +10

Enemy Paralyzed Accumulation +25%

White Bone Spirit Tonfa Imbue Corruption +10 Tonfa
Seething Dragon Imbue Corruption +10 Switchglaive
Ippon-Datara’s Hammer Imbue Corruption Axe
Ippon-Datara’s Odachi Imbue Corruption Odachi
Barbarian’s Hatchets Imbue Corruption +10

Enemy Poisoned Accumulation +25%

Hunter’s Switchglaive Imbue Corruption

High Attack Damage +4.8%


That is what you need to know about Yokai weapons in the game. That is all for our Yokai weapons guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on Soul Cores and what they do. You can also check out our guide on Yokai skills. This covers everything that you need to know about Yokai skills including the cores that you need and anima costs.

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