Nioh 2 Yokai Skills Guide: Mana Costs, Core Requirements

Nioh 2 Yokai skills

Nioh 2 allows you to use the powers of the Yokai that you beat in the form of Yokai skills. Yokai skills have mana costs and certain core requirements. In this guide, we are going to go over what you need to know about Yokai skills in Nioh 2.

Nioh 2 Yokai Skill Requirements And Costs

Yokai have special skills and you can get these by beating specific Yokai. When you beat a Yokai, they drop Soul Cores. You can purify these are shrines in order to use the different skills. You can equip two Soul Cores to your guardian spirit.

Note that if you do not have your guardian spirit when you die then you will lose all the cores that have not been purified. Yakai core passives amplify Yokai abilities and Yokai shift forms. You can also get random bonuses such as luck or drop rate.

Cores have two perma stats. These are unique to the type of core. You also have 3 slots for random substats. The passives have ranks. The higher the rank the stronger the effects.

Nioh 2 Yokai skills

In order to use the Yokai skills you need to fill the Yokai force or anima bar that is under the stamina bar. You can do this by attacking enemies. The bar fills up quicker if you are in the Dark Realm.

The following are the requirements for the different Yokai skills that you can acquire in Nioh 2:

Skill  Anima/Yokai Force Cost  Core Required  Effects 
Fire Twister  60  Enenra Soul  Use 60 Yokai Force to transform into a Tornado to deal AOE damage to nearby enemies 
Dark Digger  30  Dweller Soul  Summon dweller and engage the target.  
Fiendish Frenzy  40  Yoki-Soul  Do a rapid grapple attack. 
One-legged Fury  55  Ippon-Datara Soul  Summon a yokai to perform an attack that leaves spinning AOE in the area in which is attacked 
Wormhole  40  Waira Soul  Use a wormhole to become undetectable for a short period of time 
Chomp  27  Gaki Soul   Summon a Yokai that does continuous damage 
Indestructible Shell  35  Kappa Soul  Form a protective shield on your back 
Impaling Doom  50  Yatsu-no-Kami Soul  Summon a Yokai to attack the target 
Magatsu Muscle  50  Magatsu Warrior Soul  Summon two giant Yokai arms that shoot projectiles 
Rain of Terror  25  Karakasa Umbrella Soul  Transform into a fire tornado that does AOE damage to enemies in the area 
Petrifying Gaze  40  Nure-Onna Soul  Petrify enemies in an AOE 
Scampush  40  Scampuss Soul  Summon a Yokai that turns into a spiked ball 
Skeleton Bowman  35  Skeleton Warrior Soul  Summon two skeleton bowmen to attack the enemy 
Rising Winds  7  Kamaitachi Soul Core  Turn into a Fire Tornado to an AOE damage to nearby enemies 
Monkey Dance  4  Enki Soul Core   
Corrupted Breath  4  Mitsume Yazura Soul Core  Nurikabe Soul Core 
Wall or Nothing  2  Nurikabe Soul Core  Powerful front attack 
Fiery Reinforcement  40  Oni-bi Soul Core  Summon the yokai for a single attack and enchant your weapon with fire damage 
Go Nuts  30  Kodama Soul Core  Summon Yokai to attack the enemy 
Tengu Tactics  60  Karasu Tengu Soul Core  n/a 
Sharp Old Hag  60  Yamanba Soul Core  n/a 
Razing Edge  8  Mezuki Soul Core  n/a 
Vile Venom  4  Toxic Slime Soul Core  n/a 
Fire Arm  60  Aberrant Soldier Soul Core  n/a 
Spinning Top  60  One-Eyed Oni Soul Core  n/a 
Whiplash  60  Rokurobi Soul Core  n/a 
Spectral Swarm  60  Tatarimokke Soul Core  n/a 
Whipper Snapper  5  Namahage Soul Core  n/a 

 That is all for our Nioh 2 Yokai skills guide. Stay tuned for more guides!

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