Nioh 2 Yokai Shift Guide – Yokai Shift Modes and Abilities Explained

Nioh 2 Yokai Shift

So, you wish to know what is Yokai Shift and what does its modes do in Nioh 2? You are in luck because in our  Nioh 2 Yokai watch guide we will explain this gameplay mechanic, its types, effects, abilities, and how they relate to the Guardian Spirits.

Yokai Shift allows Nioh 2 players to be possessed by their selected Guardian Spirits. You can choose which spirit takes over you from the Shrine Menu. When possessed by the Guardian Spirit you can trigger the related Yokai Shift mode and perform special moves and abilities. Moreover, you can attune the spirits with Soul Cores and unlock Yokai Skills.

Nioh 2 Yokai Shift

You can trigger the Yokai Shift by pressing Triangle+Circle on the PS4, B+Y on Xbox/Steam (whenever the game becomes available on PC and Xbox). Once you turn on the Yokai Shift your HP and Ki Gauges will be replaced by the Yokai Shift Gauge. In this mode whatever damage you take from the enemies won’t deplete your HP or Ki but instead will have an effect on your Yokai Shift Guage. This Gauge also depletes over time and once it is fully gone you transform back into a human being. When in Yokai Shift mode you’ll notice an increase in your melee attack power and touching the Yokai Realm is going to automatically disperse it, which turns into Amrita.

You need to absorb Amrita in your body to charge the Yokai Shift Gauge. On the other hand, if you absorb Amirta into your weapon it makes it stronger and widens the area of effect.

When in the Yokai Shift mode you can consume the Guage to perform a powerful skill unique to your selected Guardian Spirit. You can also stop the Yokai Shift by sheathing your weapon before the Guage is fully depleted. The remaining Yokai Shift will turn into Amrita for you to use as you please.

  • Guardian Spirit Skill: Press Triangle+Circle on your PS4 while in Yokai Shift to perform the Guardian Spirit Skill. The skill depends on your chosen spirit.
  • Yokai Shift Grapple: Press Triangle on your PS4 next to a human who is out of Ki or a downed Yokai. Your grapples in Yokai Shift will be stronger than usual.

Yokai Shift Modes

There are multiple Yokai Shift modes in Nioh 2 including Brute, Feral, and Phantom.

Brute: In this Yokai Shift mode you can’t be staggered by the enemy. You also get the Fang Break ability that lets you repel enemy attacks. Press L1+Triangle with the right timing to perform the repel.

Feral: In this Yokai Shift mode you can perform dodge while using Quick Attacks. You gain two abilities with the Feral Yokai mode – Shadowstep (Dodge while performing quick attacks) and Shadowstab (Perform a Quick Attack while using the Shadowstep ability).

Phantom: In this Yokai Shift mode you can teleport. You gain two abilities with the Phantom Yokai Shift mode – Blood Moon Yin (Launch weapon at the enemy and teleport to the weapon if it finds its target) Blood Moon Yang (When doing a Quick Attack or Strong Attack, quickly perform the opposite attack).

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