The third and final DLC of Nioh 2 dropped recently and it brought a lot of new and tough to obtain trophies. Among all the trophies which you need to obtain in order to get The First Samurai 100% and unlock further content, one is named the Scent of Danger. To get this one, you need to collect 3 Grilled Tang Sweets from different areas. You will also unlock The Alluring Ancient sub-mission on the way. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about all Grilled Tang Sweet locations.


Grilled Tang Sweet Locations

There are a total 3 Grilled Tang Sweets that you need to collect in order to unlock The Alluring Ancient sub-mission and ensure getting The First Samurai 100%. How and where can you find them is explained below one by one:

Location#1 – Dawn of the Demon

To get this grilled tang sweet, you’ll need to start at the 3rd Shrine. From there, cross the bridge on your straight left and then start climbing up the mountain. We recommend to just dodge all the enemies on your way as they’ll only depreciate your time and health. When you reach the top cliff while dodging enemies, go to the right and you’ll find a strong enemy guarding the grilled tang sweet. Dodging this one will be a bit difficult, but we recommend at least trying. You can then take the sweet and run your way down the mountain just light you came up; dodging enemies.


Location #2 – A Distant Dream

For this one, start at the 3rd Shrine and make your way to where you fought the Phantom and acquired one half of the Aun Key. It’s mostly going into the cave and then up to the mountain. While trekking up you’ll find a ladder and after climbing up the ladder and into the room, you’ll come across a skull elevator. Step over it for just 2 seconds and then jump on the broken bridge. It’ll be at your backside, so heads up! At the end of the path, you’ll find A Distant Dream sweet. We recommend doing this one just like you did Dawn of the Demon; dodging enemies.

Location #3 – In Search of Elixir

To get your hands on this one to complete and get the Scent of Danger trophy, you’ll need to start at the second Shrine. You’ll find a cave section to your right heading through the path. When you fall down the cave and proceed forward, you’ll notice a ladder to the right. Don’t climb it, stay down and walk straight into the dark to your left. You’ll go straight through it and then you need to go left on the revealed path. At the end of the path, you’ll find In Search of the Elixir sweet.


The moment you collect the third sweet, it’ll unlock The Alluring Ancient sub-mission which you’ll have to complete in order to get the Scent of Danger trophy.

And that’s all you need to know about all Grilled Tang Sweet locations in Nioh 2.