How to Beat Shibata Katsuie in Nioh 2

How to Beat Shibata Katsuie in Nioh 2

Shibata Katsuie is a boss in Nioh 2 who appears in the Shiftling’s Wise Judgement, Ruin Draws Near, and Restless Spirits missions. When defeated, Shibata yields the Shibata Katsuie Soul Core and a yokai skill. These tips and strategies will help you easily beat Shibata Katsuie in the game. The boss mostly relies on fire-based elemental attacks, therefore, it’s a good idea to rely on stacking up fire resistance.

Nioh 2 Shibata Katsuie

Shibata Katsuie has a range of different fire-based attacks but none of them are difficult to dodge. Stacking up on fire resistance will ensure that even if you manage to get hit once or twice, it wouldn’t mean the end of the world. However, with all the bosses in the game, it’ll probably take you a handful of tries to learn all the attacks at Shibata’s disposal.

The boss is able to conjure up a fiery boar that will charge toward you and leave a trail of fire in its wake. It’s a well-telegraphed attack that shouldn’t be too hard to dodge, even if you’ve got a slow reaction time. The only attack that you should consider countering is Katsuie’s axe combo which can easily be neutralized with your burst counter.

As for all the other attacks, you should consider dodging to the side and only attacking when the window presents itself. These attacks include his charging attack and stomp attack, during which the boss will dash toward you and try to hit you with his fiery attacks. As mentioned earlier, both of these can be easily dodged by moving to any side.

While trying to dodge these attacks, you should always be looking for windows to get in your hits to whittle away at the boss’ HP. Keep at it and you’ll beat Katsuie in no time.

This is how you can beat Shibata Katsuie in Nioh 2. Be sure to check out our complete coverage of Nioh 2 by heading to our wiki.

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