Nioh 2 Odachi build guide will explain how to create a build that uses paralyzing stun to stagger enemies, allowing you to deal additional damage. We will discuss what stats and skills to use, and what weapons and Guardian Spirits are best to create this Nioh 2 build. Another important aspect of any build are Soul Cores so we’ll help you with that as well.

Nioh 2 Odachi Paralyzing Stun Build

This Nioh 2 Odachi build is going to use the Bloodspider Blade and Paralysis Ninjutsu to inflict an immobilizing effect and then attack. The Bloodspider Blade does 30% additional damage to paralyzed enemies.

You will be using the Rifle to pick off weaker enemies and use the Cannon to target stronger enemies. You then paralyze your target with Ninjutsu and deal significant damage with a massive hit and finish off the enemy. If you are facing a human enemy you can use Grapple when it’s paralyzed to deal additional damage, and an opportunity to do more damage as they are getting off the ground.

Odachi Build Stats

The build is using a combination of Strenght, Constitution, Heart, and Stamina. Strenght is the ideal stat for Odachi scaling so boost this one as much as possible. It will also help you increase Hand Cannon Damage. Constitution will boost HP which is required to meet Medium Armor requirements. It is something we recommend for this build. Meanwhile, Heart stat will boost your Odachi damage, and give you Ki and additional Bow damage. Don’t forget to put some points into Dexterity to increase Ninjutsu Capacity.

Odachi Build Weapons and Armor

Since we are using Strength and Heart going with Odachi is the best idea. We will be using a very specific type of Odachi for this Nioh 2 build. The entire build revolves around immobilizing your enemies and then dealing massive damage. The Bloodspider Blade allows you to do 30% more damage to paralyzed enemies. The Bloodspider Blade is actually craftable so once you get your hands on the Smithing Text for it you can make higher levels of it as you progress in Nioh 2. For added bonuses, you can get the Paralysis Accumulation. Also, focus on Grapple Damage as you will be using Grapple a lot when using the Odachi Build in Nioh 2. You can use the Blacksmith to “Temper” with your weapons and make needed changes.

For ranged weapons, you’ll want to get a Bow and Rifle early on until you can get your hands on a Hand Cannon. Once you have the cannon drop the bow. Hand Cannon’s are upgraded with Strength. As for Armor, there aren’t any particular ones you should go after. Just focus on the ones that are good in general and are at least Medium Armor.

Odachi Paralyzing Blade Build Skills

One of the most important part of creating any build is knowing where to place your Skill points. For the Nioh 2 Odachi Paralyzing build, there are a range of Samurai, Odachi Shifting, and Ninjutsu.

Samurai Skills -Get passives that benefit all Stances like Fortitude and Damage Boost: Strength, and give Ki Pulse buffs. Put some points into Matchlock and Hand Cannon damage and ammo count as well.

Odachi Skills – From this side of the skill tree get your hands on Relentless, Tachi Arts, and Passage to the Afterlife. You can also get the Sword of Severance to be more effective against human enemies. Use Imperative Strike against paralyzed enemies that can’t be Grappled and make sure to do this from behind once you get your hands on Shadow Strike for additional damage. You can use Waking Winds for another strike to your combo. Remember to Switch back to the High Stance before you attack again if required. You can also use Devastating Rush which does less damage compared to Imperative Strike but it has more range.

Ninjutsu Skills – Grab the Sneak Attack, Medusa Powder, Paralytic Groundfire and Paralysis Shurikens.

Shifting Skills – You can get The Yokai Within and The Dark Within for faster Ki Recovery. Special Finesse: Invigorate will increase your Ki Recovery after you perform a Burst Counter. Meanwhile, Special Finesse Refresh will recover a ton of Ki. You can use Arcana of Vermin can put paralysis on Devastating Rush, it will help paralyze enemies faster.

Odachi Build Guardian Spirits

For this Nioh 2 build, we will be using the Feral Guardian type for additional mobility. Burst Counter can be used as a dodge along with the Counter mechanic. Start with Ame-no-Mitori for additional Running Speed and Ki Recovery Speed. You can use Divine Rice to trade items at Shrines. Another good option for later on in the game is Okuri-Inu for increased damage against Unscathed targets and extra Anima.

Odachi Build Soul Cores

Your first Soul Core should be Nure-Onna as it will allow you to paralyze enemies. For your second soul core, you should go with the Karakasa Umbrella for additional Paralysis Accumulation.

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