Nioh 2 is quite a challenging game, so no matter how expert of a player you are, you might be roughened up more than is good for your character’s health while playing the difficult missions. Therefore, having restorative items is a must in this game. This guide will be focusing on elixirs farming so you can obtain more in Nioh 2.

Nioh 2 Elixirs Farming

Elixirs are the basic and most important of all restorative items Nioh 2. Similar to the Blood Vials in Bloodborne, they can only be used a single time so you will be wanting to obtain as many of them as you can during the gameplay. There are several ways to find them, such as in the form of loot found in chests or alongside bodies. They will also be dropped by enemies now and then. However, you won’t find them as consistently as you might like to.

You can carry eight Elixirs with you, but if you come across more, they can be saved in the stockpile in your Storage. Your stock of Elixirs will be refilled each time you stop by a Shrine. There you will find sub-menu by the name of Make Offering. Select it and you will find various ways by which you can obtain restorative items. The first of these is making an offering to the Kodama guard of the Shrine. If you donate your unwanted gear, you will receive Divine Rice in return, a form of currency that can be used in the Kodama Bazaar. Occasionally you might also receive the Elixirs directly in exchange for your donation.

Another way of farming Elixirs is by receiving the Kodama Blessing, which costs a small fee. For obtaining the Elixirs you will need to get the Healer Blessing. This blessing increases your chances of finding the Elixirs when you defeat enemies or open chests by 5%. It also increased an additional 5% for every Healer Kodoma who is guided back to the Shrine

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