Nioh 2 is the latest installment of Team Ninja’s critically acclaimed action role-playing game series. The developer has introduced exciting and innovative weapons in this title that make it stand out from its predecessors. One of the most noteworthy additions is the specialized weapons, which give players additional control over their combat strategies. Not only does this add more depth to combat, but it also allows for more creative approaches when taking on enemies. In this guide, I’ll tell you the Nioh 2 Best Weapons in 2023.

All Best Weapons in Nioh 2

Below, I’ve listed some Best Weapons in Nioh 2:

  1. Splitstaff
  2. Fists
  3. Hatchets
  4. Tonfas
  5. Switchglaive
  6. Swords
  7. Odachis
  8. Omnyo Talismans
  9. Kusarigama
  10. Rifles


Splitstaff is a weapon that falls between spear and Kusarigama in terms of design, earning it the title of one of the unique weapons in the game. This weapon has excellent range, can extend attacks, and is versatile enough for any situation.

Having Splitstaff in your hands means the user can take on multiple opponents. Unfortunately, the Splitstaff is not only incredibly powerful, but it is also tough to hit. So you need it requires practice to use this weapon.

Best Splitstaffs

  1. Tempest Splitstaff
  2. Flashfire Splitstaff
  3. Dragon King Splitstaff
  4. Martial Artist’s Splitstaff


Nioh 2 FistsFists will be the most gratifying thing in the game when you take down enemies. Using Fists in Nioh 2 is simple and effective. The best part is that you can increase the effectiveness of your attacks by chaining them together to form combos, which deal a lot more damage. If you get the right momentum of the fists, it’ll be easy to deplete the enemy’s health and not give them a chance to breathe. Although the effectiveness of the Fists is unquestionable, you must learn how to use it properly, or else it will be rendered useless.

Best Fists

  1. Tsuchigumo Clawed Fists
  2. Frost Blossom Clawed Fists
  3. Raging Fire Clawed Fists
  4. Demon Arm Fists


nioh 2 hatchets

For the most dedicated gamers, hatchets are the best weapons available. The Hatchet is a small axe with limited range, but if you learn to use it properly, it can be a powerful weapon. With a skilled hand, hatchets can cause severe damage. However, the Hatchets may be lacking in numbers; What makes this weapon so unique is its abilities. Therefore, the weapon is most advantageous at the beginning of the game.

Best Hatchets

  1. Ninja’s Hatchets
  2. Hero’s Hatchets
  3. Zenki and Goki
  4. Wave Cutter Hatchets
  5. Demon Horde Hatchets


Tonfas and fists have a lot in common regarding how they work. If you like to play aggressively and take down enemies quickly, then Tonfas are the best option for you. When you have this aggressive weapon, your opponent doesn’t stand a chance against you. The best thing about this weapon is how it can utilize the Ki Pulse technique, allowing you to dodge enemy attacks and reposition yourself.

Best Tonfas

  1. Twin Dragon Tonfa
  2. Martial Artist’s Tonfa
  3. Vajra Tonfa
  4. Demon Horde Tonfa



No matter if you’re in a close-quarters brawl, engaging in mid-range skirmishes, or taking on opponents from afar, there is one weapon in Nioh 2 that can handle any situation: the Switchglaive. With its unique abilities, the Switchglaive is a powerful tool in the hands of any masterful samurai. When you scale the Switchglaive with magic, you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about any pesky run caster builds getting in the way of your success. However, if you dislike magic builds and prefer a more straightforward approach, you can still choose this weapon, as it covers all offensive options.

Best Switchglaves

  1. Seething Dragon
  2. Tate Eboshi’s Switchglaives
  3. Phoenix Wing
  4. Kiryoki’s Switchglaive
  5. Raijin’s Claw


Whether you choose a single or dual sword, they are one of the deadliest weapons in Nioh 2, and in terms of their stats, both are almost equal, making them a powerful choice for any warrior. Their versatility allows them to be used in various situations, even when your enemies may have an advantage. Their speed, power, and reach can quickly turn the tide of any battle and make you an unstoppable force.

Best Swords

  1. Tokagemaru
  2. Senjuin Uchigatana
  3. Transient Blade
  4. Osafune Kanemitsu
  5. Water God Slayer
  6. Ishida Masamune
  7. Demon Cutter


Odachis Nioh 2

There is no better heavy weapon than the Odachis in Nioh 2. This is because the weapon is perfectly balanced between decent range and attack options, making it an ideal choice for players who want to inflict maximum damage on their opponents. It is also highly versatile, with a wide range of moves and combos that can be used to gain an advantage in combat. Odachis is a larger sword, so more strength and stamina are needed to use it effectively. However, the reward for mastering the weapon is excellent, as it can be used to defeat even the most formidable enemies.

Best Odachis

  1. Bloodspider Blade
  2. Kobizen Odachi
  3. Sunderer
  4. Rai Kuniyuki Odachi
  5. Jiro Tachi

Omnyo Talismans

Omnyo Talismans is not a physical weapon you can hold and kill the enemy but a spell written on paper. However, being not physical doesn’t mean it can’t help you out in battle. This small paper is really useful for you in the battle as it mainly focuses on yourself, as it lets you regenerate health, call out the Guardian Spirits for help, and even damage the enemy.

In simple words, Talismans excel in both attack and defense. This weapon relies on Magic Stats and has a limit, so watchfully while using it. It can be very beneficial in some battles as it can provide a shield from enemy attacks and give you the power to counterattack with powerful spells. Even when you are low on health, this weapon can come in handy to help you heal and restore your energy.

Best Omnyo Talisman

  1. Elemental
  2. Lifeseal
  3. Kekkai
  4. Rejuvenation
  5. Sloth


Kusarigama Nioh 2

Those who prefer the caster builds must include the Kusarigama in the build. Otherwise, it’s incomplete without this weapon. Pair Kusarigama with any ninja weapon to make the perfect balance of the weapon. The Kusarigama becomes more effective the higher your Skill stat is, giving you the ability to perform combos and special attacks that you could never dream of. It’s not easy to become the master of the Kusarigama, but you’ll be unstoppable once you have achieved that. The Kusarigama will be the perfect addition to your arsenal with the proper practice.

Best Kusarigamas

  1. Black Bamboo Kusarigama
  2. Hooked Kusarigama
  3. Swordsman’s Kusarigama
  4. Earthfall Kusarigama
  5. Demon Horde Kusarigama


Rifles Nioh 2

The Rifles have the perfect balance of accuracy, power, and range, making them an excellent choice for any shooter. Furthermore, they are easy to handle and maintain, making them ideal for any beginner. Additionally, the rifles can be modified to suit any situation, from close-range to long-range shooting. With the right ammo, a rifle can be used for hunting, self-defense, and even competitive shooting. Finally, with its versatility and reliability, the Rifle is an excellent choice for any shooter looking for a modern weapon.

Best Rifles

  1. Ravenwing Rifle
  2. Inadome Matchlock
  3. Sakai Rifle
  4. Tatsuke Matchlock

That’s all for now of the most popular weapons in Nioh 2. No matter what kind of warrior you are, you can always find the right weapon for your style of play. So choose wisely and have fun dominating your opponents. Before you leave, here are some more Nioh 2 guides you may like:

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