Nioh 2 A Way Out Kodama Locations Guide

Nioh 2 A Way Out Kodama Locations Guide

A Way Out in Nioh 2 holds 7 Kodama collectibles in total. Lost from their shrines, you can point these Kodama NPCs to the nearby Kodama Shrines in order to earn some benefits.

These include an additional Elixir that you get from the Kodama Shrine for every 5 Kodama NPCs found as well as the “Kodama Leader” trophy which unlocks after you find all 150 collectibles in Nioh 2.

Nioh 2 A Way Out Kodama Locations

The following are all the Kodama that you can find in A Way Out main mission. Do note that if you’ve already played through the mission, you can always replay it and collect your missing Kodama NPCs.

Kodama #1
From the first Kodama Shrine, continue along the normal path until you get to the area where you see the archer. You need to head over to the rooftop where the archer is and drop down to find the Kodama right next to the tree.

Kodama #2
In the first area with the searchlight, kill all the enemies in the area and head up the first wooden ramp. Jump down on the other side of the ramp to find it tucked in a corner.

Kodama #3
After the first searchlight area, continue to head downhill and you’ll find a Kodama inside a pot located outside a house. Do note that the house isn’t on the path leading to the 3-headed enemy.

Kodama #4
From the second Kodama Shrine, you need to proceed toward the cannon-shooting skeleton. From there, head toward the tree branch and drop down onto the stump to find another Kodama collectible.

Kodama #5
In the second searchlight area, head to the far left corner of the forest to find another Kodama NPC collectible.

Kodama #6
From the second searchlight forest, go to the opposite side of the wooden path and cross the red bridge to come to a temple. You’ll find the Kodama underneath the temple stairs.

Kodama #7
To find the final Kodama in the mission, you need to head inside the right house while facing the boss room. At the back of the room, you’ll find the collectible.

These are all the Kodama NPC collectibles that you can find in A Way Out main mission. For our complete coverage of Nioh 2, check out our Nioh 2 wiki page.

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