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The long-rumored Nintendo Switch Mini saw many leaks in the last month or so. Things were quiet for a couple of weeks but that has now changed. More images are now leaked via well-known leaker Roland Quandt. The images show Nintendo Switch Mini design. The system looks pretty similar to the OG Nintendo Switch but its more sleek and compact.

It has a visibly smaller screen size and it would be interesting to know if there are any differences from a hardware standpoint. Nintendo Switch specs struggle with demanding games as it is, will Nintendo tone down its hardware to reduce cost? Or could we see a more powerful Nintendo Switch in the form of Mini?

If the leak is to be believed the new Nintendo Switch Mini handheld comes with a smaller profile and from the looks of it, built-in joy-cons on either side of the screen. The button placement is seemingly the same.

Nintendo Switch Mini Leaked Silicon Case

For the time being, we don’t know how much these Switch accessories will cost. If we are to speculate based on previous encounters with Nintendo accessories, expect a reasonable price tag.

What we see here is silicon case for your Switch Mini. The case is developed by Bigben, a company known for its Nintendo accessories. The one for Nintendo Switch costs $12.98. The price for Nintendo Switch Mini case is expected to be around the same.

Switch Mini launch is rumored since 2017 when Citigroup predicted its 2019 release. The Mini is an open secret by now thanks to multiple leaks.

Apart from the images you see in this article, other shots came to light from an online retailer.

The new Nintendo handheld is reportedly coming out this Fall. The price point isn’t confirmed yet but $250-299 seems like is a fair assumption for now.

Moreover, it would be a good idea for Nintendo to bundle this console with upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield which could be a good way to boost sales. The game has been at the center of controversy due to its limited Pokedex.

Shipping Pokemon Sword and Shield with Switch Mini could help counter some of the negativity surrounding the game. Nintendo responded to the controversy and confirmed that there will no changes to the upcoming game despite the backlash.