How to fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123-1502

Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123-1502

Nintendo Switch is going pretty strong with millions of units sold. Aside from the sales, Switch is a pretty good handheld console allowing players to play their favorite games on the go. However, some Nintendo Switch users are reporting that they are experiencing Error Code 2123-1502 and here is how to fix this error.

How to fix Nintendo Switch Error Code: 2123-1502

The Error Code: 2123-1502 is occurring for Switch users while downloading a game from the eShop. Before we start with the real fix, let’s try to fix this Nintendo Switch error with some basic fixes. One way to bypass this error is to spam the download attempts and eventually, the game will start downloading without the Error Code: 2123-1502. If this fix doesn’t work then try restarting the console.

Error Code: 2123-1502 Fix

If the above fixes didn’t work, then try clearing the cache. Open System Settings > System > Formatting Options > select “Reset Cache” > select the user account for which you want to clear the cache > select “Reset” to confirm.

Please note that clearing the cache will only remove all saved IDs, passwords, cookies, and other cached data like history. This will fix the Error Code: 2123-1502.

That is all for our Nintendo Switch guide on how to fix the Error Code 2123-1502. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.


  1. Still cant fix the error 2123-1502. I deleted the game, cleared cache, restarted the system and even reset my router thinking that it might help, but still nothing is works for me. Even spamming the re-download isn’t working for me even though it works for others. Is there anything else that I should be trying? If not I guess I have to wait for Nintendo to fix this stupid issue.

  2. Appears that spamming retry download only works if you haven’t deleted the game off your console and tried to reinstall. I was able to install an update to a game, but the games that I deleted off the switch and then tried to reinstall (to try to fix the error code) are not installing with that error fix hack. 😢

  3. Had to try download now About 10 times to do download. Why is my question now since nothing else worked….

  4. Being having this issue recently. Some things I’ve tried is restarting my Switch (by holding down power button) and freeing up system date (such as deleting old data or moving software to SD card, if you have one). Think clearing cache helped too, but also think it helps to cancel and restart the download instead of trying to resume it after trying some trouble-shooting

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