Nintendo Apologizes For Ringfit Adventure Shortage, Promises More Stock

Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure

The Ringfit Adventure accessory was released a while back and ever since it came out people have not been able to buy one. The supply has been short and Nintendo knows that. Nintendo issued a statement regarding the matter and mentioned that it knows that the Ringfit Adventure supply is not going well.

Nintendo has promised that the supply for the Ringfit Adventure will increase as we move towards the end of the year. This means that more customers and dealers will be able to buy the product. Here is what the company had to say regarding the matter:

The Nintendo Switch software “Ringfit Adventure” released on October 18, 2019 continues to be in short supply throughout the domestic market. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to customers and dealers who are waiting.

We continue to ship every week, and we will increase the number of shipments toward the end of the year so that as many people as possible can deliver. Some retailers may be able to make reservations, etc., so please check with your retailer regarding sales methods. We will continue to make efforts to deliver as many customers as possible, so we appreciate your understanding.

The Ring Fit Adventure did not seem like a product that would sell too well but that does not seem to be the case from what we have seen. It seems to be selling very well indeed and it is pretty much sold out everywhere. People are unable to buy it.

If you are interested in getting one then you might have to wait a few weeks but rest assured that Nintendo knows about the supply issue and is working on resolving the issue.

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