NieR Replicant Moonflower Cultivation Guide – Get Seeds, Crossbreeding

NieR Replicant Moonflower Cultivation Guide

Cultivation in NieR Replicant is a mini-game that involves growing different plants. This is done to earn money, complete optional quests, and unlock achievements to 100% the game. Cultivation is a relatively simple process until Moonflowers come into the equation which is where things get a little complicated. In this NieR Replicant guide, we’ve detailed all there’s to know about Moonflower cultivation, getting the seeds, and crossbreeding tips.

NieR Replicant Moonflower Cultivation Tips

What makes Moonflowers special is crossbreeding. There are three types of Moonflowers i.e., red, gold, and blue that can be cultivated using the seeds from the Grocery Store in Seafront. However, there are four other types of Moonflowers as well: indigo, peach, pink, and white – these can only be cultivated via crossbreeding.

In addition to the benefits of cultivation mentioned earlier, one amazing reason for cultivating Moonflowers is their healing capabilities. But how does one do that?

Crossbreeding Moonflowers

Cultivating the red, blue, and gold variants of Moonflower is as simple as it can be – purchase the seeds from the Grocery Store, plant them, water them once, and check after 24 hours of real-time. It’s crossbreeding them where things get slightly complicated.

In order to crossbreed Moonflowers, players are required to plant different variants next to each other. Even then, it’s entirely RNG dependent and there isn’t any way to tell whether players will get their desired Moonflower or not. In the table below, we’ve shared a complete list of all the possible combinations to cultivate all Moonflower variants:

Moonflower How to Cultivate Uses
Red Red Moonflower seeds Replenishes 30% HP
Blue Blue Moonflower seeds Replenishes 30% HP
Gold Gold Moonflower seeds Replenishes 30% HP
Indigo Gold Moonflower + Blue Moonflower Replenishes 60% HP
Peach Gold Moonflower + Red Moonflower Replenishes 60% HP
Pink Red Moonflower + Indigo Moonflower Replenishes 60% HP
White Pink Moonflower + Peach Moonflower Replenishes 100% HP

This is all we’ve got in how to cultivate Moonflowers in NieR Replicant. Feel free to check out our detailed NieR Replicant wiki guide for more help on the game.

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