How to Beat Hansel & Gretel in NieR Replicant

How to Beat Hansel & Gretel in NieR Replicant

Hansel & Gretel is a duo that players will face early on in NieR Replicant. Consider them the Ornstein & Smough of NieR but slightly less annoying. In this guide, we’ve detailed all there’s to know about how to easily find and beat Hansel & Gretel in NieR Replicant.

NieR Replicant Hansel & Gretel

In order to find Hansel & Gretel, travel to the Lost Shrine and continue toward the rooftop of the area. Once there, proceed through the large doors where Grimoire Weiss is located to start the fight.

Similar to other boss battles in NieR Replicant, Dark Blast is pretty powerful against the duo as well – remember to tap it in order to maintain mobility and damage. Players who don’t enjoy the safety of utilizing something like Dark Blast are free to jump in, block, and counter-attack to get in some free hits. Another thing to keep in mind is to ignore the one who has got the shield up and always focus on the other one.

Continue to dish out damage until an Attack Gauge appears on one of the bosses. At this point, use Dark Blast to break it to finish off Hansel – the Dark Lance will become available at this point.

After defeating Hansel, Gretel will start to spawn a lot of Shades in the area. Remember that Dark Blast can make quick work of them before they cause any trouble. After dealing with the Shades, employ the same strategies as before and use Dark Lance when the Attack Gauge appears to complete the fight successfully!

Once defeated, Hansel & Gretel drop the Stone Guardian Key Fragment and Dark Lance.

This is all we’ve got in how to beat Hansel & Gretel in NieR Replicant. Feel free to check out our detailed NieR Replicant wiki guides for more help on the game.

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